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Golem Dance Cult – Nosferatu Waltz
The French-British duo Golem Dance Cult presented their music video 'Nosferatu Waltz' on Halloween. The video for the song of the same name that was released earlier as part of the EP 'Grotesque Radio'.

The guys are old friends and they have been making music since they were teenagers and have recently returned to an active creative life. Their music is based on dark wave and post punk where the aura of the incomprehensible and unacceptable is decisive.  

The song 'Nosferatu Waltz' is interestingly made in a tense arrangement that fills the anxious moments with cold guitars, safe drums and retro synthesizers.  

The music video 'Nosferatu Waltz' presents a video collage of famous retro horror movies that catch up with fear despite its age. Musicians flow into the overall picture of the event where they sing and play guitars.  

Watch the music video 'Nosferatu Waltz' on YouTube below and appreciate the uniqueness and creativity of the duo Golem Dance Cult.