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Golem Dance Cult – Dalek Rhetoric
Golem Dance Cult was formed by two old friends who played in the same band in their youth. Now the guys are on different sides of the planet, one of them is in France and the other is in Australia, but this is not an obstacle for a new musical adventure that began its course with the release of their debut EP in 2021.

Golem Dance Cult's style can be described as a mixture of gothic and alternative rock, with a post-punk attitude and garage sound. On December 22, a new single from Bula called 'Dalek Rhetoric' was released. 

This song has a rather aggressive sound with hard overloads that perfectly conveys the atmosphere of horror and despair that has accumulated over the last few years. With his convincing story, the vocalist draws parallels to what worries our world now and what it can lead to.

The music video for 'Dalek Rhetoric' features footage of the band performing in the background. Here we see the realities of today, when Russia unleashed a new large-scale war in Europe, as well as footage from films where horror and thrillers have always been in the history of mankind as steadfast signposts of all great changes.

Watch the music video 'Dalek Rhetoric' below on YouTube and appreciate the strong new song from the impressive band Golem Dance Cult.