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Vienna Groove Unit – Raw
Four professional musicians from Vienna, Austria with extensive concert experience immersed themselves in the realization of their creative potential. The band is named Vienna Groove Unit and they released debut album 'Raw' on December 9. The record has collected 6 instrumental songs that 100 percent confirm the name of the band.

On the track 'Vaccine' the soli are combining pop-funk groove idioms with jazzy elements that also appear in the composition, uniting its parts. The pure sounds of the instruments are dense and neat, the great skill of the musicians is felt in every note and pause. 'Song for Charly' has blues sounds that have been transformed into a funky design. The guitar solo is excellent in unsurpassed rhythmic accompaniment. 

'Boogaloo for you' has a dialogue of guitar and jazz organ around which the composition is formed. In the second part, the track fall into real rock n roll, where the guitar solo catches up with the tempo and moves on to the original theme as in the jazz standard. 'The Travel' is an affluent blues riff with a guitar background that draws colored patterns. The drum solo of the track is fantastic. 

'Mr. Trixler' has a cinematically spy motif evolving with interesting and amazing melisms. 'The Reverent' is a playful blues theme representing the unison of guitar and keyboard playing. Cool rhythm section saturates the track with its powerful machine and the guitar solo, as always, is perfect. The bass solo is unsurpassed and the keyboards complete this cycle with some wide colors.  

Listen to the album 'Raw' from Vienna Groove Unit on Spotify below and enjoy the skill of these wonderful musicians.