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Tison Duni – The Quiet Courage Of Those Left At Home
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Swedish guitarist and composer Tison Duni has released his new single 'The Quiet Courage Of Those Left At Home'. The composition came in two variations with different backgrounds.
Mysko Disko – Ting Tong Trip
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Swedish musicians Viktor Hertz and Andreas Gejke returned to active creative work by creating an electronic project Mysko Disko. Their singularity and charisma are relayed through their music and videos that they create on their own. Their single 'Ting Tong Trip' was released on July 16.
Maskinpop – Gothic Vampire Chick
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The most gothic song of all time is offered by the Swedish artist Maskinpop. He may be right, but time will tell. His single 'Gothic Vampire Chick' was released on June 24.
Molosser – Dive In
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The duo Molosser lives on a small farm among the beautiful landscapes of Sweden. Their music is unlike anything else and that's how it attracts us. Their latest single was released on June 27 and is called 'Dive In'.
Drops of Indigo – Ten Steps Ahead
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'Ten Steps Ahead' is a new single by the Swedish band Drops of Indigo. Starting as a duo in 2018, the music project has grown into a true collective of like-minded people. Using live instruments in his musical practice, Drops of Indigo composes live sound in beautiful arrangements.
Marble Raft – Geography A
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Contemporary artists are releasing less and less full-length albums, especially conceptual albums. It's a pity, because such full-fledged works can best represent a certain period in the musician's work and have a better chance of perpetuating his name. Marble Raft is an indie pop duo from Stockholm, and they released an album which can rightly be considered a conceptually creative work.
Ollie Olson – Southern California Summer Nights
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An unceasing celebration of life - so in a few words we can describe a new song - a single from the Sweden singer-songwriter Ollie Olson. The song 'Southern California Summer Nights' was released on June 11 at the peak of the summer season in Southern California.
Vågerud – Sthlmsvägen
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Missed the quality of Swedish pop-rock? We too, and here is a new batch of Scandinavian cool melodies waiting for us on Spotify under this review in the form of a mini-album 'Sthlmsvägen' from artist Vågerud. Until we get to the bottom, let's twist a few episodes that await us.
Paperwing – Blackbirds
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The original melodies of Paperwing can be envied by any songbird. And this is not surprising, because in her latest single 'Blackbirds' she raises her compositional and vocal abilities to a new level.
The Connecting Dots – Oblivious Beat
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Helena Sundstrom and Johan Borg are two musicians and two connecting dots who worked good on their first full-length album 'Oblivious Beat'. As a Swedish rock-band, The Connecting Dots absorbed the whole layer of Stockholm's glorious pop culture and folk songs of this cold land.
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