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A Tree On A Hill – Blue Dahlia
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On August 25, the new single of the Swiss music project A Tree On A Hill was released. The composition was named 'Blue Dahlia' and tells about the annual life cycle of the beautiful Dahlia through musical harmonies.
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At the beginning of this year, the new mini-album 'NEXT' of the Swiss rock band IZAMANYA was released.The previous two albums of this band created a sensation on the Swiss Metal scene and recognized them as outstanding masters of this style of music.
Ajay Mathur – Talking Loud
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The fifth full-length album called 'Talking Loud' of the singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur was released this spring and presented a collection of new strong songs. Ajay Mathur started his love for music after he got an exclusive interview with the Beatles while they were in India.
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The Swiss band QUANTUM continues to assert itself as an original and interesting rock phenomenon. Over the last year, they have released five cool singles, each of which definitely deserves attention.
Superflip – Zurück Zuhaus
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Superflip is a music project of Philipp based in Zürich, Switzerland. He is a multi-instrumentalist and singer / rapper who makes great use of all his creative potential for own music releases.
QUANTUM – ABSOLUT [A Brief Story Of Life’s Unspoken Truths]
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On February 4, a new single 'ABSOLUT [A Brief Story Of Life's Unspoken Truths]' by the Swiss band QUANTUM was released. The five musicians came together to create a unique mix inspired by their musical influences.
SYNEYE – If I Fall
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The second official single called 'If I Fall' Swiss artist SYNEYE was released on February 11. The singer-songwriter and producer Morgane Matteuzzi is the founder of the music project SYNEYE and she can really be proud of her latest work written and recorded alone.
Miss Torsion – Love Parasite
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Swiss artist Miss Torsion shared a new single 'Love Parasite' on December 31. This new composition is a wonderful embodiment of Gothic rock and post-punk atmosphere of the 80s. This song was recorded alone at home and mixed in a professional studio.
Nebno – Low Skies
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The Swiss artist Nebno released her second album on October 22. The record is called 'Low Skies' and includes 7 tracks of embient and experimental music.
SYNEYE – In My Shadow
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The Swiss singer-songwriter SYNEYE, debuted with her single 'In My Shadow' on November 16. Her music is unlike anything else and it carries certain emotions that made the singer push to write this powerful song.