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Sweeter than Sorrow – somersaults
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Swedish singer-songwriter Mattias Wåhlberg and his project Sweeter than Sorrow presented a new single 'somersaults' on April 28. This is a special track because it has that depth and sensitivity that makes songs unforgettable.
AUTORHYTHM – Intercellular Communication
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Swedish musician and artist AUTORHYTHM has shared his first single from his upcoming album, which will be released later. The track is called 'Intercellular Communication' and it is a perfect example of the interplay of analog synthesizers and pure creativity.
Aggressive Soccer Moms – QUINT
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Stockholm band Aggressive Soccer Moms have released their new album titled 'QUINT'. The release took place on March 9 and included 9 new tracks, 8 original and one cover of Yoko Ono's 'Why'.
Blue Painted Flag – Daisy and Dandelions
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On February 10, the Swedish artist Blue Painted Flag presented a new single called 'Daisy and Dandelions'. This song tells about the fantastic love between Daisy and Dandelions wich decided to be together no matter what.
Slim Loris – Red Loris Yellow Loris
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Slim Loris veterans of the Swedish indie scene who recently presented their new full-length album 'Red Loris Yellow Loris'. The record was released on February 3 and featured a track list of 9 songs.
Aggressive Soccer Moms – Darling
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Aggressive Soccer Moms presented their new single 'Darling' on January 26. The trio is based in Sweden where they write and record their original music together. In their songs, we can hear a mixture of post-punk and alternative rock with electronic elements.
The Killing Tapes – Falling Down (Yellow)
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'Falling Down (Yellow)' is the name of the second album of the Swedish band The Killing Tapes, which was released on December 20. The record included 6 new tracks, written and inspired by the band's improvisation in the recording studio.
Aggressive Soccer Moms – That’s How I Feel
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Aggressive Soccer Moms is a Swedish post-punk trio whose musicians began their musical career in the late 70s during the first waves of punk. Their new single is called 'That's How I Feel' and it was released on December 9th.
Alex Zethson – Room with a view
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'Room with a view' is the title of an instrumental composition by Swedish musician and composer Alex Zethson. Well-known musicians took part in the recording of this track, who contributed to the harmonic and melodic basis of this wordless song.
Koala Bar – Ingest ≈ Digest
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Swedish indie band Koala Bar released their third full-length album 'Ingest ≈ Digest' on December 2 via Rexius Records. The album consists of 13 songs that fully convey the latest creative searches of this talented quartet.
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