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Terrificus – Decadent Sitcom
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The new track from Terrificus is the quintessence of punk, industrial and noise. 'Decadent Sitcom' that's the name of their new work that came out on June 9.
Dan Webb – Sunshine/Dialogue
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On June 9, a new full-length album by the Australian musician and composer Dan Webb was released. The record is called 'Sunshine/Dialogue' and it includes 12 original tracks that force us to keep our attention and concentrate on a completely new look at modern music.
Kaiwyn – The Cut After the First
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Australian singer-songwriter and medical doctor Kaiwyn recently shared a new single 'The Cut After the First'. This is one of his first own songs written during his studies and now Kaiwyn is engaged in producing other songs that were written in his early adult years.
Colorado & Company – Still
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On April 28, the second official single of the Australian band Colorado & Company was released. The song is called 'Still' and it is designed to open the curtains even more to their upcoming album.
Clare Easdown – NOT READY TO DIE
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Clare Easdown presented a new track called 'NOT READY TO DIE'. This electronic pop composition carries a great mission, namely to remind music lovers about the looming catastrophe associated with climate change on our planet.
Satellite Train – Superstar
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Australian band Satellite Train shared their new song 'Superstar' on March 17th. This beautiful pop rock track is dedicated to Australian football as the musicians of the band also love this dynamic sports game.
Satellite Train – Shameless
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The band Satellite Train was created by Australian and American musicians who were primarily looking for friendly creative freedom in this musical project. Satellite Train record songs as live as possible to convey the spirit of song art and the purity of the musical message.
Savanah Solomon – Where the River Meets the Sea
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Australian artist Savanah Solomon has released her new single 'Where the River Meets the Sea', which will be included in the upcoming EP. Savanah Solomon's solo career successfully continues its course, each time discovering her new and new talents.
Clare Easdown – Wrap Me Up
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'Wrap Me Up' is the name of another joint track by the Australian singer-songwriter Clare Easdown, and producer Jburnsbeats. This musical composition was born among many sleepless nights, when the creators polished every detail and every word.
Clare Easdown – To The One’s I Love
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'To The One's I Love' is the name of the new single of the Australian singer-songwriter Clare Easdown, which was released on March 7. The song was recorded with the participation of music producer Jburnsmusic who contributed to this great track.
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