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Clare Easdown – Scopolamine
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Clare Easdown shared her new single 'Scopolamine' on September 27. This song was completely written, recorded and mixed by Clare Easdown herself in order to best convey the raw and honest emotions associated with her own experience.
Holly Jade – november
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The Australian singer Holly Jade recently shared her new single 'november'. This intimate and soulful song tells about the loss of a friend and the emotional pain associated with it.
LokkisKott – Deep Inside
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LokkisKott is the solo music project of Australian singer-songwriter and musician Lachie Alford. The artist is interested in many aspects of world art, cinema and theater also influence his creative impulses.
SEGANA – Mercy
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Sydney musical duo SEGANA is a beautiful symbiosis of rhythm, melody and fresh ideas. Their songs are something special, because in each of them there is a spirit of freedom, joy and the desire to give that joy to people.
Stefan West – Take What You Need
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On September 1, a new single by the Australian artist Stefan West was released. The song is called 'Take What You Need' and it is intended to open the curtain to his upcoming album 'Cambridge'.
Jay Wood – Respire
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Australian artist Jay Wood released her long-awaited EP 'Respire' on September 1. This record is a significant milestone in the life of an artist who has survived a severe trauma caused by a car accident with a drunk driver.
Blackchords – Connected//Forgotten
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Australians Blackchords are back with a new album 'Connected//Forgotten'. After a 9-year hiatus, their sound has become richer with new influences, including post-rock and cinematic vibes.
Clare Easdown – I Break
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'I Break' is the new single of the Australian singer-songwriter Clare Easdown. The song has an atmospheric and soaring sound that prompts us to turn to the insightful lyrics.
Lady Alderney – She’s Boss
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Australian artist Lady Alderney presented her new single 'She's Boss' on July 7. This exciting and bright song gives an incredible mood and inspiration for the next step forward.
Karen Harding – Insane For A Moment
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On June 30, a new single by the Australian singer-songwriter Karen Harding was released. The song is called 'Insane For A Moment' and it tells about the line between the courage to move forward in life and the uncertainty that always accompanies humanity.