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Music UnLtd. – It Crossed My Mind
Music UnLtd. recently released their new single 'It Crossed My Mind'. The leader and songwriter of the band, Milin writes beautiful songs full of spiritual beauty and wide human experience. Music UnLtd. was formed in 2014 in India and since then a team of talented musicians has been working on creating insightful musical canvases.

The song 'It Crossed My Mind' is one of those songs where there is an expressive melody, atmospheric harmony and a feeling of lightness, as all the instrumental parts are played by wonderful musicians. The main motif of the song is based on a piano background against which a sensual vocal line flows. Synths spill over the impulsive rhythm section.  

'It Crossed My Mind' tells about a couple who ran into a wall of misunderstanding as to how their relationship can develop further.  In this case, there is a way out, and they decide to separate so that each of them can find their happiness with someone else.  

In the music video 'It Crossed My Mind', we have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful animation that subtly conveys the essence of the song. The warm and silky tones of the video with the main characters and their images are conveyed flawlessly, and it is interesting and instructive to watch the transitions of this drama.  

Check out the music video 'It Crossed My Mind' below on YouTube and appreciate the high quality work from Music UnLtd..