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Sweeter than Sorrow – House of the rising sun
The Swedish artist Sweeter than Sorrow writes insightful and deep songs. This time, his music catalog was replenished with classics. The ballad 'House of the rising sun' performed by Sweeter than Sorrow really got a new lease of life, because before us is an incredibly sensitive and touching work.

Sweeter than Sorrow sings from the heart and honestly and we believe every word he says in the context of this great song. The sadness and pain of grief flow together with the velvety voice of the artist, and soaring piano melodies like all-seeing ghosts force us to focus on the past.

The foggy background gives the song a sense of the breadth and infinity of human thoughts and desires, and involuntarily, under the influence of this song, we immerse ourselves in the meaning of our own lives. Sweeter than Sorrow perfectly interpreted the famous song, putting a part of himself and his soul into it. 

Listen to the single 'House of the rising sun' from Sweeter than Sorrow on Spotify below and feel the whole world looking for answers to just one question: who are we and why are we here.