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Snakedoctors – Brighter (feat. Nik Hughes)
Snakedoctors presented their new single from the upcoming album. The song is called 'Brighter' for and it tells about the dark times that one way or another must change to better and brighter days.

Snakedoctors based in Gdansk, Poland where they successfully occupy the niche of alternative rock and post-punk. Their music is produced and mixed by leading specialists of the world show business. The song 'Brighter' sounds in the grunge direction, where heavy guitars and steel bass are perfectly combined with the powerful beats of guest drummer Nik Hughes (Bush).  

In the music video 'Brighter', the band perform their new track in a dark, foggy room. There, the music thickens and electrifies to explode in a minimalistic guitar solo. The invited actress is a beautiful young girl who seems to invite us to another, bright world, where everything will be completely different.

Watch the music video 'Brighter' below on YouTube and rate the new music work from the cool rockers Snakedoctors.