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Darià Artiola – Darià Artiola
Darià Artiola is an artist who raises deep themes in his lyrics where environmental and social issues are intertwined with the inner state of the author. His first full-length album 'Darià Artiola' was released on April 15 and consists of 10 tracks. In his music Darià Artiola adheres to the basic principles where melody, minimalism and originality occupy a leading place.

The song 'Feeling in Your Heart' has a bluesy sound full of cold guitars and rich electronic percussion. Duet singing conveys the power and expressiveness of an inspiring link.  The track 'She's Serious' sounds in the style of the 80s with laconic guitar arrangements and steel singing. The second half of the composition presents the vocals of Lucia Layunta which adds emotionality and vitality to this dialogue.  

The song 'Something' flows with guitar accents and a bass drum against which the vocals sound piercing and sturdy. 'Questions That Spin' is a single that came out earlier and was the official debut of Darià Artiola. The song conveys the turbulent state that gripped Barcelona in 2019 during the street riots. The track has the cool sound of a new wave with impulsive synthesizers and a clear rhythm.  

Listen to the whole album 'Darià Artiola' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the high moral creativity of Darià Artiola.