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Album Reviews
The Screaming Pope – Our Love Is Music
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On November 24, the new album of the Boston electronic artist The Screaming Pope was released. The record is called 'Our Love Is Music' and it consists of 15 original tracks that lead us into the world of incredible creative impulses.
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POINT3NINE is a music project created by one person in Toronto, Canada. His records are primarily a love for experiments and refined taste. On November 30, a new album by POINT3NINE was released, which was named 'The iLLEST'.
Gerco Aerts – Sing Louder, Dance Faster
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Gerco Aerts is a well-known bass player and musician from the Netherlands who has often been seen touring for the past 30 years. In 2020, when the virus and lockdown came, Gerco Aerts decided to realize his old dream and record his own album consisting of his songs written in recent years.
OTO MAYUMI – Good and Bad Shades
By indiedockmusicblog | |
'Good and Bad Shades' is the title of the debut album of a fantastic artist OTO MAYUMI. The album was released on December 1 and presented the world with a beautiful conceptual work in the styles of alternative rock and J-pop.
Thirst And The Cow (TATC) – The Main Sequence at Last
By indiedockmusicblog | |
The music project Thirst And The Cow (TATC) was created to write and release non-standard and charismatic music. Musicians with amazing experience and talent participate in the project. The work is mainly done remotely and includes active members of Touch Guitar Circle.
Higher Music State – Overboard
By indiedockmusicblog | |
On December 1st, British indie group Higher Music State released their new album 'Overboard'. We decided to celebrate this album in a special way, because listening to its tracklist, we plunge into a really specific world of creativity.
Sldghram 1er – Le marteau et l’enclume
By indiedockmusicblog | |
French electronic musician Sldghram 1er released his new album 'Le marteau et l'enclume' on November 23. This is a collection of electronic music that includes love for ambient, techno and classic.
Red Mountain Revolt – Like a Loaded Gun
By indiedockmusicblog | |
American rock duo Red Mountain Revolt presented their debut album 'Like a Loaded Gun' on November 24. The record includes 12 original tracks imbued with grunge and alternative 90s and the newest spirit of hard rock.
Mafalda Minnozzi – Natural Impression
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Mafalda Minnozzi is a real diamond in the modern jazz scene. Her creative career is impressive with the number of performances, recordings and collaborations. Mafalda Minnozzi's creative heritage includes about 20 records, each of which deserves the attention of fans of the eternal jazz classics.
Tim Camrose – Empty Roads
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British singer-songwriter Tim Camrose presented his new EP 'Empty Roads' on November 28. The new record contains 6 original tracks that sound with the sincerity and openness inherent in this artist.
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