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Album Reviews
Big Fun – Oogley Boogley
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We complained early when we said that good new bands are already history. The release of the second album of the Los Angeles band Big Fun was a great discovery for us. The full-length album, bizarrely titled 'Oogley Boogley' and featuring 13 tracks, was released on June 5.
Michael Brinkworth – Wasted Wonder
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Michael Brinkworth made us happy with his second album 'Wasted Wonder' which was released on May 21st. The Australian artist is based in Berlin, where together with his full band he recorded this line of beautiful country tracks.
Mass Experience – Sitting With Demons
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Musical friendships don't just happen. At least it does not pass without fruit. When Sydney musicians Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton met 25 years ago, they remembered each other for their talent and originality. There were the 90s - a time of stormy rave and cult clubs. These were the days of great electronic music. The musicians recently reunited in the duo Mass Experience to record a series of new singles and release a full-length album.
Marble Raft – Geography A
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Contemporary artists are releasing less and less full-length albums, especially conceptual albums. It's a pity, because such full-fledged works can best represent a certain period in the musician's work and have a better chance of perpetuating his name. Marble Raft is an indie pop duo from Stockholm, and they released an album which can rightly be considered a conceptually creative work.
Blankiflúr – Hypnopompic
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The small and cold country of Iceland has an amazing potential and appearance to form a dissimilar sound. Inherent only in the North, the sounds of the island go on their long journey to our consciousness. Fresh waves brought to us from there tart and romantic, strong and gentle album. Meet 'Hypnopompic' from the artist from Reykjavik - Blankiflúr.
Dina Rizvic – Waves
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An alternative pop broke into our playlists and flooded them. More and more this music is gaining momentum, although it has always been somewhere nearby at all times. Alternative pop performed by Dina Rizvic is typical for this style but not typical for pop music.The main difference is that the artist does everything herself, starting from authorship and ending with production. Everything that once differentiated rock music from pop music is now washed away by the presence of alternative pop.
Incomer – Versus Ego
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It's time to get acquainted with Ukrainian contemporary music. A great country with a great unconquered people. The electronic trio Incomer is based in the Gothic-Baroque city of Lviv, and they use elements of the new wave, trip hop and rock music in their work.
Phillinois – Blue Haze
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The music project of artist and cartoonist Phil Gerigscott is called Phillinois. Phil lives in Portland, USA and draws parallels between his music world and the world of the artist. A gifted person must find a way out of his thoughts, experiences and vision of this world.
Mickey Gold – thrillz
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We are always happy when young musicians move forward without fear of experimentation. In this way they move the music and that is how it gets the property to change. Mickey Gold from New York has released his EP 'thrillz' completely recorded and produced by the author.
LDRDO – Lost in the Fire
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Everyone has dreams of their own Eldorado and everyone sees it differently. The Israeli artist LDRDO so named his ship, under the oars of which he went on a difficult voyage of indie musician. Its recent release 'Lost in the Fire' is a mini-album of 5 tracks that are cohesive and balanced by one sound.
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