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Video Reviews
Marianne Engebretsen – Strange to You
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Marianne Engebretsen grew up on the west coast of picturesque Norway. Like a light amber, she became brighter and more beautiful in her artistic path. Her songs have found an ebb in her country and abroad and she continues to grow and rise to the stars.
Lee Olivier-Hall – This Is Only The Beginning
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London composer Lee Olivier-Hall is preparing for the release of his first compositional work - EP 'Moments In Sound'. On June 4, the first single with the logical name 'This Is Only The Beginning' was released.
New State Masses – Love Controlled
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The great classic indie rock single was released by New State Masses - a duo from Brighton. Many years of creativity and the search for their own creative faces have led musicians to a new start with new rules of the game in show business. The indie tree has developed to its peak especially in Britain and we are now reaping the fruits.
Memory Flowers – IDWK
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'IDWK' means 'I Don't Wanna Know'. London artist Memory Flowers named his new single in 4 letters. 'IDWK' released June 11.
Bennykaay – On My Mind
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Recently, we have increasingly seen pop-punk mixed with other alternative styles of contemporary music as hip hop, trip hop, trap. Bennykaay connected his pop-punk with the trap in the new single 'On My Mind'.
Madison Deaver – That’s What She Said
By indiedockmusicblog | |
It's great to watch a young artist develop in different creative embodiment. Singer-songwriter Madison Deaver is building her career in Los Angeles and she is not afraid to take on things that go around her songs.
OneNamedPeter – Moonbathing
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Have you been to the pebbles beaches of Brighton at night? OneNamedPeter invites us to do this once by listening to his single 'Moonbathing'. The author of the song Peter is a singer-songwriter who lives and works in the southern cultural capital.
White Horses – The Can Can Man
By indiedockmusicblog | |
What could be better than freedom? The freedom to choose the road, the freedom to do what you want, the freedom to live the day the way you want - all these theses are covered in one song, the band's recent single of British band White Horses 'The Can Can Man'.
Atomic Bronco – Cruel
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Indie Rock Enthusiast. This is how Kyle Nuss, producer and creator of the music project Atomic Bronco, described himself and his work. The one-man band is based in London and it is in this huge creative garden that he draws inspiration for his single shots.
Regina Fae – A Town Somewhere
By indiedockmusicblog | |
The versatile artist Regina Fae sees her mission in telling stories that can inspire and teach. Singer author, poet and writer Regina does not give her talent to relax developing at the same time as a creator and a person.
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