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Album Reviews
Emperor of Ice Cream – No Sound Ever Dies
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In 1922, the poem 'The Emperor of Ice-Cream' was written by Stevens and since then its modernism has continued to influence creative hearts. So later, in the early 90's in the Irish Cork City was formed a rock band of the same name 'Emperor of Ice Cream'.
Kate Bowen – A Time Before
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Kate Bowen - girl with guitar from Kent. Her singing is simple and lyrics realistic about the simple things in life that happens with everyone. Her recent EP was released just before the New Year 2021, namely on December 30.
Alessia Wishes – Rannin’ Star
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About how the presence of extravagance affects the originality of the musician's music, we can write whole treatises and obviously one thing that it happens. Alessia Wishes, a British artist of Italian descent, confirms this theorem in his music. The singer's first mini-album called 'Rannin Star' was released on December 5, 2020 and consists of 5 tracks.
War Honey – Shard on Shatter
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My acquaintance with War Honey began in Brooklyn at a club resembling a large floor lamp.  Rather, I would call that club as if it really existed, but not only in my imagination. The mood is chamber. Sad and cheerful at the same time. Yes, this can be achieved especially if you sing in minor on major harmony.  And how to sing! Vocalist Gabrielle is a new lamp vocal that can be powerful and crack with an inconspicuous drive, but mostly it's beautiful melodies that flow from her mouth.
Once Grace Forever – Live Today
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While active rock and roll touring artists paused to think about what to do next at this difficult time for all musicians, other studio projects that gravitate more to post-rock and electronic rock and roll versions focused on recording their albums.  Post-rock has always been full of its conceptual albums and it is studio work that gives such bands a chance for self-realization.

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