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Video Reviews
Moontwin – For Your Happiness
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The modern world is evolving too fast. The development of technology has influenced the methods of creating creative processes, including music. Processes have changed, but creativity has remained to serve humanity as an indicator of their self-awareness. The methods have changed, but the artists continue to carry out their lighthouse mission in the stormy ocean of life.
Tired Radio – Five Day Bender
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The guys from Brooklyn go on a 5-day bender. A sea of ​​drinks, a cool vintage car and a lot of music - this is what the band Tired Radio took with them on the trip. The purely American rock product attracts with its dirty guitars and riffs in the style of ZZ Top. Such music as best environments the spirit of freedom of the United States and in its vast expanses in wide cars and long roads such music inspires life and moves forward to the horizons.
Jewelia – Maze
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During the lockdown, musicians from around the world made focus on what was available. And music home videos created in minimalist images have flooded the horizons of the Internet. At that time in London, a girl with a magical aura, filmed her single 'Maze'. Her name is Jewelia.
Emma Hunter – Here I Go
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How long have you been watching David Lynch's movies? Undoubtedly, he is one of the most interesting directors of the 20th century and we continue to enjoy the fruits of his influence on the musical culture of the Western world. In the music video for her latest single 'Here I Go', singer Emma Hunter follows the traditions of the cult David Lynch, telling us the killing story.
Simon Adams – Something In The Air
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The influence of the Beatles is still bearing fruit today. How many beautiful works were created after the collapse of the famous quartet? Their number is infinite now and their multitude is visible as stars in the night sky, and one of them is song 'Something In The Air' by Simon Adams.
SpünDay – Magnificent Woman
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There is a music project in South Wales which seems has been secretly hiding and distributing a portion of its art to anyone who involuntarily looks at their YouTube channel.
TheWorst – Yes Regrets
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TheWorst's music video starts with a knock on the drum rim and enter of the musicians into the recording studio, where the performance scenes will take place.
Uncle Kid – Supermarket Sweep
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Jimi Hendrix once said about his dream that he just would like to lay on the beach of a desert island and listening to his beard grow. Today we see another talented musician's beard growing under depressing recitation and guitar expression against the background of 'wooden' trip-hop bits.
The Effens – Pavement Age
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It's great to see snow in winter. It's great to see the synchronization of mannequins and statues with Christian themes. The music of the band The Effens from Toronto gave birth to a new music video for their single 'Pavement Age' earlier this month.
Joe G – Compelled, Searching for Love
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Last month, a video from English artist and multi-instrumentalist Joe G was released. Everyone who says that the times of video clips in the past are cunning because the video is not what slows down the song, but on the contrary helps to reveal the content of the musical work and look at it from a completely different angle.