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Dayweaver – S01E01-5
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Everything comes from an idea. Creativity has captivated the human mind since Adam and Eve went beyond paradise. In our time, recently in The Netherlands, music band Dayweaver has released their first mini-album with the code name 'S01E01-5' and thay have already gone further, so we remember their recent series with recent episodes.
Shake and Jazz in Shanghai
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You know, when I invited my friends to visit a jazz club they refused! And probably, it would be all right if I decided to go there myself. It would be all right somewhere in the West but not here, not in Shanghai.
TheWorst – Yes Regrets
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TheWorst's music video starts with a knock on the drum rim and enter of the musicians into the recording studio, where the performance scenes will take place.
Emperor of Ice Cream – No Sound Ever Dies
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In 1922, the poem 'The Emperor of Ice-Cream' was written by Stevens and since then its modernism has continued to influence creative hearts. So later, in the early 90's in the Irish Cork City was formed a rock band of the same name 'Emperor of Ice Cream'.
Paradise corner for creativity
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Igor Stravinsky, a great composer of the 20th century, once lived. He once lived in Eastern Europe in western Ukraine - in the town of Ustyluh. Once when I was in Volyn, I managed to persuade my friend Serhiy to take me to a "paradise corner for creativity."
Uncle Kid – Supermarket Sweep
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Jimi Hendrix once said about his dream that he just would like to lay on the beach of a desert island and listening to his beard grow. Today we see another talented musician's beard growing under depressing recitation and guitar expression against the background of 'wooden' trip-hop bits.
Kate Bowen – A Time Before
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Kate Bowen - girl with guitar from Kent. Her singing is simple and lyrics realistic about the simple things in life that happens with everyone. Her recent EP was released just before the New Year 2021, namely on December 30.
Girl from Ipanema
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When I arrived in Rio de Janeiro at the Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport, I thought it would be good to visit a bar where almost 60 years ago the most famous bossa nova style song was written. And so it happened.
The Effens – Pavement Age
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It's great to see snow in winter. It's great to see the synchronization of mannequins and statues with Christian themes. The music of the band The Effens from Toronto gave birth to a new music video for their single 'Pavement Age' earlier this month.
The Lsdays – Green
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Recently, we all learned what online rock and roll is. We recently learned what an online festival is. They have been held around the world for the last year. Last December, Independencia Sonica Festival was held with the participation of Latin American bands. There we first heard about the band from Mexico City - The Lsdays.