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Ben Dalby – Tin Man
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'Tin Man' is the name of a new single by English artist Ben Dalby. This is a cheerful song about the versatility of life that not everyone wants to see in their own cage, where home and work are all they have.
ELLSWORTH – Potholes
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The singer-songwriter from Denver, USA who bears the stage name ELLSWORTH, the successor of the best traditions of folk pop music of the 70s. Her songs are stories taken from life and passed through her own feelings and warmed by the warmth of the artist's big heart.
786AM – Peace Train
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The song 'Peace Train' from the artist codenamed 786AM is nothing but a pearl of Manchester folk pop movement. This composition included in the project 'Made In Manchester' has its own important mission - all proceeds from the sale will go to the opening of community centers in Manchester.
The Midnight Shower – Diamond Heart
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German rock music is a powerful force on the world stage and we continue to follow its new representatives. The Midnight Shower is based in Berlin and their work has touched us with its minimalism, pressure and melodies.
Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective – Death Be Gentle (Mönchsgeier)
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Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective is a unique London project that is an evolutionary consequence of authentic blues into the modern music scene. The project was created after the musician Ralph decided to realize his own creative idea in a solo performance.
Jarrah F. Smith – I’ll Tame The Ghosts
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On July 30, a new single by Australian artist Jarrah F. Smith was released. The new work is called 'I'll Tame The Ghosts'. The song sounds very melodious and easy listening. Gentle pentatonics are accentuated by ancient Chinese percussion and combined with a folk guitar in a strange dance of eternity.
Vassilis – Puppy
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The single 'Puppy' became part of the recently released EP 'Return To Innocence' by Vassilis. The singer-songwriter originally from Athens, Greece and is currently based in Manchester, UK, where during the lockdown he began his production career by taking out of the closet unrealized ideas.
Lauryn Marie – Lifetime
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EP 'Lifetime' by artist Lauryn Marie is a bunch of tender emotions that came out in her creative impulse from life itself. All 5 songs of the record are a touch to the soul of the singer and it opens to us in all its grace and elegance. Bedroom pop lovers from San Francisco received a new collection of impressive songs.
The Petty Saints – Long Way Home
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The Petty Saints were formed in 2016 after vocalist Ciaran O’Reilly moved from London to San Diego. Then the story spun at a rapid pace and soon to the newly formed band were joined the best local rock musicians.
Our Man in the Bronze Age – Midnight Lovers
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Our Man in the Bronze Age has a long history since a bunch of friends formed this band in 2004 in Milton Keynes, UK. The band of musicians developed every year, offering their work and experimenting with hard styles. Creating their own music, the guys were active in concert activities and led a spiritual rock n roll life.
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