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Video Reviews
Love Ghost x Camidoh x DJ Switch Ghana – Dopeman
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'Dopeman' that's the name of the new release from the American alternative band Love Ghost. The song was recorded in collaboration with Ghanaian Afrobeat artist Camidoh and DJ Switch Ghana, Global Prodigy Award Winner.
Poppy Roscoe – Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats
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The band Poppy Roscoe was created in 2015 in Los Angeles. Since then, the musicians have released 3 full-length albums, the last of which is 'Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats'. The album was released in early 2023 and marked a new stage in the work of this amazing band.
Golem Dance Cult – Ghost of Las Vegas
By indiedockmusicblog | |
On October 31, the Australian band Golem Dance Cult give their fans a new music video 'Ghost of Las Vegas'. The song was included in their latest album 'Legend of the Bleeding Heart' and has a very memorable feature.
Love Ghost – LEFT ON READ
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Love Ghost released a new single called 'LEFT ON READ' on October 26. The song 'LEFT ON READ' was recorded by well-known producer Mike Summers and is the result of a collaboration between Love Ghost and the Mexican artist Wiplash.
Kelsie Kimberlin – Another Chance To Live Again
By indiedockmusicblog | |
'Another Chance To Live Again' this is the title of the second single from the announced trilogy of the artist Kelsie Kimberlin, the release of which took place on October 16. Kelsie Kimberlin is a Ukrainian-American singer-songwriter who, with the beginning of Russia's unjustified aggression against Ukraine, supports and helps the Ukrainian people in every possible way.
François Marius – Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT)
By indiedockmusicblog | |
François Marius continues to delight us with his sunny songs with heavenly motifs where everything around us blooms and smells. That new single 'Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT)' was released on September 29 and once again revealed to us this extraordinary and charismatic artist.
Jim Bower – Obsolete
By indiedockmusicblog | |
'Obsolete' is the title of the new single of the singer-songwriter and musician Jim Bower, released on September 29. The song is taken from the upcoming solo album 'THE FOURTH WALL', which is scheduled to be released in December this year.
JAGAS – Viens chez Moi
By indiedockmusicblog | |
'Viens chez Moi' is the title of the song and music video of the band JAGAS, which in translation in English sounds like 'Come to my house'. Indeed, the song has an important message about the joy, kindness and beauty of human relationships.
Marine Manasian – Hayastanin
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Armenian-born artist Marine Manasyan left her homeland at a young age, but her strong love for music allowed her to become who she is. Today, Marine Manasian is an accomplished artist who praises her love for people and her homeland in different languages ​​and successfully performs concerts in many countries.
SWIIMS – All I Die For
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Canadian band SWiiMS have unveiled the first single from their upcoming album 'Into The Blue Night'. The song is called 'All I Die For' and it tells about the beginnings of budding love and caution in new relationships.
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