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Love Ghost – Luna Azul
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Los Angeles band Love Ghost, on the eve of the release of their new EP 'The Speed of Dreaming', shared the first single from the upcoming mini-album. The song is called 'Luna Azul' and it was created in collaboration with Mexican artists Helian and MONDE.
Coma Beach – Extreme Masochist
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On February 9, the German punk rock band Coma Beach presented their new single 'Extreme Masochist'. Actually, this release is a new treatment, a single version of the song we know, which was included in their album 'The Scapegoat's Agony'.
Steve Young UK – Feelin Fine
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British guitarist and singer-songwriter Steve Young UK has already made a name for himself with three albums and a dozen singles and EPs, distinguished by quality live music with elements of rock, blues and country.
Mark Howard – Scarlette
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On February 16, Mark Howard released a new song 'Scarlette'. The artist is based in Phillip Island, Australia from where he spread his musical journey to 45 countries.
Assa Music – Typical
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The Norwegian artist Assa Music presented a new single 'Typical' on February 16. This track is a cover version of the famous song by Alok and Steve Aoki.
The Sweet Darkness – She Says
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On February 15, the German artist The Sweet Darkness released a new single 'She Says'. The song tells a story familiar to all of us, when at one point we are offered to remain friends.
James Spencer – If
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British singer-songwriter James Spencer presented his new single 'If'. The song has a lyrical context and sounds somewhat softer than the usual repertoire of this talented artist.
Sage Suede – Dirty Blonde
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SAGE SUEDE is a well-known artist, producer and art director from Austin, Texas. His music embodies a special aesthetic filled with fashionable and fresh trends on the modern music scene.
The Pulltops – Here We Are
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'Here We Are' is the new single from American music duo The Pulltops. The song reminds us that what kills us makes us stronger and at the same time takes away an important part of our lives.
Edie Yvonne – Delusion
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In continuation of her song trilogy, Edie Yvonne releases the third track 'DELUSION'. Previous songs 'Girl Code' and 'Queen Bee' received the love of listeners and the recognition of music critics from all over the world.