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KRISTOPHER – Borrowed Time
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The beautiful, charming song 'Borrowed Time' is a new single by singer-songwriter KRISTOPHER. His music was born in the American Orlando, where is located the main shrine of the fairy-tale world - Walt Disney World Resort.
mal sounds – tiny lies
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And again we are in New York City. This time our music hero is mal sounds and his single 'Tiny Lies'. The author is a performer and producer in the music project where he works in the styles of Alternative Pop.
No Vacancies – Without You
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Manchester - the city of rock n roll fame. London's eternal competitor for delivering the highest quality music to the world. How many new bands and artists are currently in Manchester? We do not calculate this becouse their composition changes and some soar to the heavens on the wings of glory, while others leave everything as it is. One of the young rock bands of this city is No Vacancies.
Dama Juda – young
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'Play, sit down and relax as you listen to this beat' - this is how the singer from Washington, DC and author of the song 'young' invites us to listen to she's new work. The song breathes freshness like a sunny frosty morning somewhere in the north. Her silk blanket begins to warm us from the first chords of her keys. The minimalist, soft beat gently caresses our soulful strings that echo this light song.
Barney Barnett – No Favours
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Sweet rock n roll pouring from under easily overloaded guitars and a juicy saxophone. Less and less in modern music we notice interesting collaborations of classical instruments with rock instruments. Everything is moving towards electronics because everything wants to look modern. But the history of music shows the opposite - those succeeds in the field of music who does not forget the traditions and best practices in music of the past years. Today we will consider one of those examples that makes good examples of rock n roll.
Gill Guillermo – Wall
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Gill Guillermo knows the background in creating quality music. His arrangements live by their conciseness and methods of harmonious music. His studies at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, have come to the fore, so we are pleased to welcome the newly formed artist and his recent debut.
Sonar Red – The Ground Beneath Our Feet
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The main refrain of the British alternative duo Sonar Red will go through the entire length of the song, which is called 'The Ground Beneath Our Feet'. Many are encrypted in this code and the musicians started their mission with this debut single which will be included in the planned album this year.
Paperwing – Blackbirds
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The original melodies of Paperwing can be envied by any songbird. And this is not surprising, because in her latest single 'Blackbirds' she raises her compositional and vocal abilities to a new level.
Fran Lusty – Ladybird
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'Feed your mind, to stay high, to stay in-flight' - sings Fran Lusty, a simple girl with a guitar in her debut single 'Ladybird'. The singer is young and sincere in her vision of the world.
Prince of Sweden – Next Time There’ll Be Violins
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Not every country boy can become the Prince of Sweden. Not every village boy can to learn to play the guitar from his neighbor on the farm. What are these theses related to? The future Prince of Sweden before becoming a music project from South London took a course of a villager with all the pros and cons. His singles absorbed all the power of British rock and roll and the lyrics of folk ballads.