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Single Reviews
Carillon – Venus
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Carillon is a musical project of Baltimore-based musician and composer Ken Quam. His first release came in 2020 and now we have his new single out on June 20th. The new work from Carillon is called 'Venus' and it contains two instrumental compositions of a meditative nature.
Harry JyBe – Summer View
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Harry JyBe hails from Sheffield, where he developed his unique style of indie rock. His music has bright guitar coloring and penetrating vocals.
Clash Clash Bang Bang – Cold as Ice
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'Cold as Ice' this is a new single from Barlin based band Clash Clash Bang Bang. Their original approach to creating music and artistic images makes us join in and follow their work.
Seafarers – Everything I’d Do (to Get a Hold on You)
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Seafarers is a band of six musicians that was formed in 2018. Their debut album 'Orlando' was well received by music critics around the world and brought them their first success. Then there was album 'II' in 2022, and the group is currently preparing a new album for release.
Ava Valianti – January
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'January' is the third official single from American indie artist Ava Valianti, which was released recently. Her releases has a unique sound in which indie folk elements are considered.
Mason Summit – Bystander
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Mason Summit is an independent artist and musician from Los Angeles. His new single was released on July 12 and is a kind of reaction to American supremacy in relation to other parts of the world.
Hauspoints – Hear No, See No
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The group Hauspoints is first of all a circle of friends and like-minded and creative people. Each of the members of the band has in one way or another played in various musical projects in Great Britain and around the world.
Daffodildos – No Pride
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On July 5, Daffodildos debuted with the single 'No Pride'. The punk trio was formed in Brighton, where their music immediately gained recognition.
Said Sara – Then There You Are
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David Benson aka Said Sara has released his new single from his upcoming album which he is currently working on. The song 'Then There You Are' represents a new milestone in the work of this interesting and extraordinary artist.
Tjernberg Brothers – (Easier with a) Song
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Tjernberg Brothers presented their debut single '(Easier with a) Song'. The release included 4 tracks, among which there is an instrumental version and the main one, in which the Swedish artist Astrid Mellgren sang.