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Album Reviews
Steve and Dolapo – Companion
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"Companion" by Steve and Dolapo album stands as a testament to the profound impact of friendship and collaboration in music. Released in May 2024, this original album transcends genres, offering a rich blend of soulful vocals, intricate instrumentation, and heartfelt lyrics. As a follow-up to their previous successful works, "Companion" dives deeper into themes of unity, hope, and spiritual awakening, showcasing the duo's evolving musical journey that began when they discovered each other’s music on the original music review group Reinventing the Wheel – The Music Barn in December of 2021.
The Chamberlains – Metropolis and Mental Rejects
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The Chamberlains' latest album, "Metropolis and Mental Rejects," released on May 31, 2024, is a vibrant tapestry of post-punk brilliance that immerses listeners in a sonic journey through urban landscapes and introspective musings. From the moment the first track, "Metropolis," begins, the album captivates with its infectious melodies, driving rhythms, and poignant lyricism. This track sets the stage for exploring urban life and mental health themes that pervade the album.
Mt. Kili – Ten Songs for My Girls, for Now and Later
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Mt. Kili hails from Asheville, North Carolina, bringing a heartfelt and unique style to his music that resonates deeply with the substance of our lives. His album, "Ten Songs for My Girls, for Now and Later," has captured the attention of thousands of folk fans. The album's genuine and heartfelt nature is a testament to Rick Sichta's prowess in songwriting. Recorded in his home using a dated recording system, his voice, and a classical guitar, the album is a labor of love dedicated to his twin six-year-old girls.
Q3 – Water Speckled Midnight
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"Water Speckled Midnight" is an original jazz quartet album released on January 15, 2024. Led by the enigmatic Q3, this instrumental masterpiece takes listeners on a captivating journey through the realms of jazz.
Drew Russell – Into The Night
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Drew Russell's EP "Into The Night," released on May 24, 2024, is a testament to his diverse musical prowess and heartfelt lyricism. The EP opens with "No Time for Lizards," a track that sets a powerful tone with its intricate blend of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and a driving rhythm section comprising kick, snare, and hats. The song's energy is palpable, reflecting Drew's ability to merge intense rock elements with reflective lyrics, creating a dynamic start to the EP.
Daddy Drwg – A Tree Called Happy
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Daddy Drwg, the self-proclaimed "Bad Daddy" from Wales, UK, unleashes his debut album, "A Tree Called Happy." This ten-track offering promises a captivating journey through a blend of alternative rock, Britpop, and even hints of acoustic intimacy.
Luis Raul Ramirez – Survival Guide for Empaths
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Luis Raul Ramirez's "Survival Guide for Empaths" is a transformative musical experience transcending traditional boundaries. Through tracks like "Golden Fire," "The Layer," and the titular "Survival Guide for Empaths," Ramirez crafts a sonic journey that resonates deeply with listeners. Each composition is a testament to Ramirez's ability to blend ethereal soundscapes with emotive melodies, creating a rich tapestry of emotion and resonance that speaks directly to the empathic soul.
As Seen Above – Fix It In Post
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As Seen Above, an emerging indie band, released their latest EP 'Fix it in Post' on May 14. This collection of five tracks showcases their growth and versatility as artists. The EP cover, with its surreal and contemplative imagery, sets the tone for the introspective and emotionally charged music within.
Army Of Sleep – Metanoia
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Army Of Sleep is the brainchild of an Australian musician and composer Luke Jon Shearer, who has an incredibly bright creative career behind him. His music catalog is filled with albums and singles that fully reveal the talent of this artist.
Arjay Smith – Old Man Rookie Instrumentals, Pt. 1: Fives Up
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Arjay Smith is a family man, actor and musician who recently presented his album 'Old Man Rookie Instrumentals, Pt. 1: Fives Up'. The record is based on 5 instrumental tracks made in the aesthetics of classic boom bap.