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Album Reviews
Suicide Puppets – Beyond The Veil
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Suicide Puppets is a well-known touring metal band in America that has its own special image and music. Suicide Puppets was formed in 2007 and since then they have performed extensively all over the country and shared the stage with such great bands as Napalm Death, Wednesday 13, The 69 Eyes and others.
We Are Space Horses – Apologia
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We Are Space Horses is the name of a band from Somerville, MA, which has already made a statement on the Boston alternative scene. The band was formed in 2017 by Kevin Vanderhoof (vocals, guitar) and Gabbi Vanderfood (bass) and was later joined by Eric Hochwald (drums). With this lineup they recorded their debut album 'Apologia', released on December 29.
Billie Skye – Amorous Mirage
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Billie Skye is a 19-year-old rising star on the Australian indie pop scene. She grew up d in a bustling family of seven, where, thanks to her father, music was always a part of her leisure time.
West Wickhams – Vivre Sa Vie
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West Wickhams are a musical duo formed in Tresco on the Isles of Scilly by two charismatic personalities Jon Othello and Elle Flores. They recently moved to Richmond, Surrey where they started new steps in their creative journey.
Mortal Prophets – GUITARWORKS
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Mortal Prophets is the brainchild of an extraordinary musician and artist John Beckmann, who creates his own heritage, whimsical, fantastic and unique. His special view of life and death is organically conveyed in his work, and there is something in his music that touches, beckons and calls.
Underdog – Trans Global Amnesia
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On December 31, the second full-length album of the Boston-based band Underdog was released. Unusual, driving, impulsive and crazy, all these epithets perfectly fit the definition of this original record called 'Trans Global Amnesia'.
Sometimes Julie – Seven Wishes
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The fifth album of the American rock band Sometimes Julie was released on December 31 and is called 'Seven Wishes'. The record consists of 7 original tracks that represent the current stage of creativity of this exciting collective.
The Screaming Pope – Neon Heights
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The Screaming Pope is a project of Boston-based musician and producer George Bolton, which started in 2020. George Bolton is a veteran of the American electronic scene who began writing his own music in the early 80s. This is an extremely talented and prolific artist who releases each new album with a unique essence.
Stage Door Guy – Beach Party
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The third album from the British band Stage Door Guy is already out and it is called 'Beach Party'. An interesting and fascinating project Stage Door Guy is the brainchild of two charismatic personalities, an actor, writer and performer Adam Brody and a guitarist CJ Williams.
Arrow Santi – Sanctuary of Serenity
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On December 26, American artist Arrow Santi shared a new album 'Sanctuary of Serenity'. His new work is something of a revelation for this talented songwriter, producer and vocalist.