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Viscula – Seagulls
The track 'Seagulls' is the first single from Viscula's forthcoming instrumental album 'IV' to be released on December 17. The recording was attended by 4 musicians who played organic parts without any overlays. Only drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. The single 'Seagulls' was released via London Indie label Alien Milk Records on November 19.

In addition to the band's musicians, the album featured legendary Soviet and Russian bassist Alexander Titov, who recorded all of the bass parts, including the single 'Seagulls'. He continues to play in the most famous Russian rock bands Kino and Aquarium. 

The mix and mastering was done by George Shilling, a first-class British sound producer who worked with bands such as Blur and Primal Scream. 

The artwork for the single 'Seagulls' was created by the well-known British collage artist Tom Hodgkinson who also worked on artworks for bands such as Keane and Archive. 

The track 'Seagulls' is an interesting case of post-rock and psychedelic with elements of trip hop and dark wave. The track should please music lovers with its memorable melody and deep arrangement.

The band Viscula was formed in Lutsk, Ukraine in 2002. In 2013, Viscula was awarded 'Best Indie Artist' at the main Ukrainian festival Chervona Ruta. The band has played extensively around the world and has been seen in 18 countries. The most notable was the band's participation in festivals: Together to The Top (Poland), Fonari (Russia), Shanghai International (China), Feckfest (UK). 

In 2019, guitarist and founder of the band Vitali Malyshko was awarded with Exceptional Talent Visa (guitarist and composer) by Arts Council England and since then the band is based in London, UK. Before the pandemic, Viscula actively played in iconic London clubs such as Hope & Anchor, St.Moritz and New Cross Inn.

Listen to the single 'Seagulls' on Spotify below and meet new music face of the band Viscula.