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Tyler Kamen – The Cassowary Manifesto
Tyler Kamen, a musician and producer from New York, released his new full-length album called 'The Cassowary Manifesto' on August 13th. The album includes 20 tracks created under the influence of psychedelic and progressive rock. All tracks were recorded and produced by Tyler Kamen and are his new step in his music career.

After the folk-space 'Prologue - Forest of Ages' enters the title song 'The Cassowary Manifesto' vocal pop melody is remembered and sounds fabulously sublime. Hymns sing the song in front of a virtuoso melodic guitar solo. 'Exotic Birds' is a colorful song created in the best art-rock tradition of the 70s. 'Pandemonium' - soft rock in verses is replaced by progressive choruses with rich backing vocals and rhythmic accent. A wide guitar solo turns into folk ornaments.  

'Polygon Morph' is a rich and short composition with cascades of drums and guitars with fabulous effects. 'Paradise Lost' is a composition with progressive rock accompaniment with magical percussion and a beautiful guitar solo. The track 'Born to Fly' is a romantic ballad about dreams and hopes that inspire progress.  

Listen to the full album 'The Cassowary Manifesto' by Tyler Kamen on Spotify below and appreciate the volume and conceptuality of this wonderful record.