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Lena Minder – Fall Again
Folk music is also a longing for home and nostalgia for the wonderful world we had as children. Lena Minder is a Swiss who has been living and working in Berlin lately. Her latest single 'Fall Again' was released on June 11 and brought us a new granule of her art.

The artist lives from the energy that gives humanity art. Lena Minder's art is her songs with good content and true plots. 'Fall Again' has a good folk leitmotif with single percussion and forest backing vocals. Lena's main vocals keep our attention from the beginning of the composition and takes us to her strange green world where dreams come true. 

Folk arrangement of 'Fall Again' is based on minimalist elements and composed in the best traditions of American indie rockers The Black Keys. Good parallels with authentic folk reveal Lena's talent and say that everything is on the right track. Her new song is original because of her vision of this life. Lena Minder invites us to where everything is so familiar and nice. Immerse there by listening to the new single 'Fall Again' below on Spotify.