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Dirty Money – Vice and Virtue
The British rock band Dirty Money presented their EP 'Vice and Virtue' on December 17. The 4-track mini-album perfectly highlights the band's creative impulses, filled with drive, tension and rock n roll spirit.

Dirty Money was formed in 2022 by four like-minded musicians who decided not to stop and confidently go to their goal. The thirst for real hard rock and live communication with the public led the collective to record their new tracks and we have their awesome EP 'Vice and Virtue'.  

In this record we hear a lot of influences and inspiration from great bands of the distant and not quite past. Dirty Money brings their original mix of rock, punk and raw rock n roll to the masses, standing out among other bands with its charisma and energy. In the presented songs, there are many cool texts taken from life itself. Musically, the mini-album sounds in one breath, giving us real modern rock that we have been missing so much.

Listen to EP 'Vice and Virtue' below on Spotify and discover the talented and promising band Dirty Money.