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LDRDO – Lost in the Fire
Everyone has dreams of their own Eldorado and everyone sees it differently. The Israeli artist LDRDO so named his ship, under the oars of which he went on a difficult voyage of indie musician. Its recent release 'Lost in the Fire' is a mini-album of 5 tracks that are cohesive and balanced by one sound.

The multi-instrumentalist LDRDO recorded them at home during quarantine and thus freed his thoughts through creative self-realization. The first track is called 'Disko Zb'. Electronic beats reflect a dense rhythm for an oriental melody in which wind and string instruments sound and supported by the rhythm of the dance exclamations. 

It is followed by the composition 'W. Monroe' which with its beautiful melody on an electric guitar invites to the outer space. Declamatory text inserts add character to this exemplary post-rock. 

'Lost in the Fire' - main topic. Funk-groove rythm section swings for the flight of solo guitar that takes off in the second part of the composition. When she hides behind the clouds, only the sounds of an acoustic guitar remind of her flight. 

Electronic R&B in 'Darkest Hour' with magnetic eastern inserts offers us landscapes of deserts, camels and ancient cities in their path. 

The short guitar jam 'Bonus Jam' completes the EP so colorfully that we will definitely remember this album amidst a sea of ​​new waves of indie music. Listen to the the whole record 'Lost in the Fire' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the fictional world of the artist LDRDO.