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Parjam Parsi – Blue Butterfly
Parjam Parsi's 5th studio album is called 'Blue Butterfly' and it was released in 2017. The record was dedicated to the artist's uncle, who died in a car accident. This tragedy was deeply felt by his family, and a new collection of ambient piano pieces became a reflection of his creative nature on this great sadness.

The gentle sounds of Parjam Parsi's piano are mostly sad, but there is some hope in them that one day we will be able to see our dearly loved ones who have gone to other worlds again. Neoclassical music from this artist is combined here with layers of noise and atmospheric percussion that add expressiveness and meaning to the minimalistic melodies.  

Conditionally, the album 'Blue Butterfly' tells the story of one butterfly named Azure, who lived happily with his family in the middle of the forest until he began to dream of reaching the moon. All the warnings and entreaties of his family did not stop him, and one day he finally made up his mind and plunged upwards to meet his doom.  

Listen to the album 'Blue Butterfly' from Parjam Parsi on Spotify below and feel the invisible connection of human feelings and dreams that don't always come true.