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The Limited Sense – The Limited Sense
Parjam Parsi is a well-known visual artist, musician and composer who makes this world a better place with his creativity. His thoughtful and profound works, be it paintings or music releases, always attract the attention of true art connoisseurs.

In 2014, Parjam Parsi formed one of his musical projects called The Limited Sense. A trio of jazz musicians come together to create and play timeless music from the golden age of jazz. At the same time, their self-titled album, consisting of 14 tracks, was released. Parjam Parsi plays the role of pianist and guitarist in this trio. His colleagues support him accordingly on double bass and drums.  

Beautiful jazz improvisations performed by The Limited Sense immediately captivate from the first notes and introduce into a special intimate space of their creative impulses. The warm piano gently glides its arpeggios over the graceful core of the rhythm section. 

Exceptional melismas and organic harmonies from an ensemble of excellent musicians set the mood for a wonderful time with a cup of coffee or refreshing drinks. The laid-back atmosphere of 'The Limited Sense' album gives a truly unforgettable mood, introducing us to a magnificent example of modern jazz.

Listen to the album 'The Limited Sense' below on Spotify and enjoy beautiful live music from the masters of their craft.