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Parjam Parsi – Season of Amnesia
Parjam Parsi is a well-known composer and visual artist from Armenia. His artistic mastery is revealed through the deeply haunting images of his paintings and wide and spacious musical compositions.

'Season of Amnesia', that's the name of his latest record, released in 2018. This album is a fearless dive into the depths of human souls where the artist reproduces a complex construction of experiences, fears and hopes.

The album 'Season of Amnesia' consists of 14 tracks that open up to us the world of a creative person who finds it difficult to move forward. Only art is the only comfort and solace of those who serve its fire. 

Parjam Parsi hypnotizes with his minimalist piano forms that cover the entire atmosphere of his music with a thick layer of a foggy background. This music is a real work of art of an artist who is not afraid to show his emotions in such a closed but deep space.  

Listen to Parjam Parsi's album 'Season of Amnesia' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in his enchanting and magnetic inner world.