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Marius Ziska – Klovin
On January 6th, a new single was released by singer-songwriter Marius Ziska, who is based on Faroe Islands and creates his music with the help of his band. The song is called 'Klovin' and it is the fifth track from the artist's new album, which is scheduled to be released on March 10.

'Klovin' is beautiful pop song has its own unique vibes and catchy motif. Marius Ziska with sensitivity and energy, talking about the importance of experiencing life itself and not compromising one's conscience. 

His vocals are warm and silky, and the musical accompaniment is modern and dynamic. All this music is extremely attractive with its artistic aesthetics and wise folk lyrics. Marius Ziska presents the Faroe Islands music scene, and its originality gives incredible feelings of freedom and breadth.  

Listen to the single 'Klovin' below on Spotify and enjoy this fantastic new song from Marius Ziska.