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Mark Shepherd – World On Fire
'World On Fire' is the name of the new single from British singer-songwriter Mark Shepherd. The song was released via London label The Animal Farm on October 14 and graced the growing catalog of this talented musician.

Mark Shepherd started releasing his own music in 2017, since then he has been actively performing on music venues in Great Britain and America, attracting more and more fans of his work. His songs are really worth the attention of connoisseurs of folk and Americana.  

The motif of Mark Shepherd's new track 'World On Fire' has its own character that inspires and gives hope despite all the moments of our anxious time. Strong and at the same time warm vocals give a beautiful melody that soothes and guides us through life. The musical accompaniment from the live ensemble has a rich acoustic soft rock sound that perfectly combines with the deep lyrics of this touching and soulful song.  

Listen to the single 'World On Fire' from Mark Shepherd below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the creativity of this great English artist.