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Lonnieclaire – Flock o’ Fakes
The New York band Lonnieclaire presented a new single 'Flock o' Fakes', on September 3. Lonnieclaire was formed in the 90s, when alternative rock was at its peak. Then the band recorded a demo of four songs and plunged into the search for their sound and its improvement.

'Flock o' Fakes' is a completely new track that reveals a new stage in the band's creativity. The driving sound of the guitar and the assertive vocals start with their energy like real punk rock. Powerful drums reflect the pulsation of this musical composition that captivates with its garage honesty and alternative uncompromisingness.  

In the music video 'Flock o' Fakes', a real epic action is taking place, which is stylized as an old computer game. The main characters are skeletons playing rock music on stage. There are also many conflicts and battles in this world of skeletons, which makes the video relevant and timely.

Check out the music video 'Flock o' Fakes' below on YouTube and enjoy this cool track from the interesting and organic band Lonnieclaire.