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hangtime – Walls
The American music project hangtime recently presented their new EP, which is called 'Walls'. The mini-album consists of 3 tracks, each of which has its own unique musical identity and creative formula. It was created by two producers and musicians who are like-minded in search of their original sound filled with the most unpredictable forms.

The new songs by hangtime received rich arrangements and great production. The presented musical compositions are filled with elements of trip-hop, darkwave and industrial, which in turn create an amazing atmosphere full of mystery and persuasiveness.  

Dark motifs intertwine with punk attitude and underground vibes. The completeness of the artistic thinking of the authors of this music and lyrics is due to the impulsive energy that charges us with its depth and honesty. The minimalistic forms of the melody and the power of trip-hop are combined in an interesting ratio that gives its result.  

Listen to the EP 'Walls' from hangtime on Spotify below and discover the creativity behind this vibrant musical project.