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novaxcraig – Lightning Bolt
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novaxcraig debuted with his single 'Lightning Bolt' on June 8th. The artist is based in New York, and this city inspired him creative impulses. He enjoyed the process of writing his music, so such music should come to us.
Big Fun – Oogley Boogley
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We complained early when we said that good new bands are already history. The release of the second album of the Los Angeles band Big Fun was a great discovery for us. The full-length album, bizarrely titled 'Oogley Boogley' and featuring 13 tracks, was released on June 5.
Kiolo – sunshine
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John Kolar and Andrew Jemiolo were studied at the West Virginia University for an engineer and a physicist respectively, and had no idea they would start making music seriously. But whatever it was, they created an indie pop duo and called it Kiolo.
Madison Deaver – That’s What She Said
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It's great to watch a young artist develop in different creative embodiment. Singer-songwriter Madison Deaver is building her career in Los Angeles and she is not afraid to take on things that go around her songs.
Phillip Good – Everything
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The moment when the new single begins to be listened to and distributed on playlists is called a success for an indie artist. This happened with the recent work of American singer-songwriter Phillip Good.
Denizen – Pretty Words
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Listening to the latest single 'Pretty Words' by New York band Denizen, we find that invaluable treasure that people call talent. In the sea of ​​fresh sound it is difficult to understand and find that life-giving drop. The song 'Pretty Words' has such power.
The DePatie Melt – I’ll Miss You
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John DePatie is a guitarist, composer, leader of the American group The DePatie Melt. He organized a beautiful trio around him to record one musical masterpiece called 'I'll Miss You'. This is an original ballad like a vintage romance has a revolutionary form of composition.
Joey Grace – I Can’t Catch You
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The originality of the presentation of the musical material is a feature of the California singer-songwriter Joey Grace. The sounds of her music are the sounds of the new California once again jumping into an ocean of experimentation. The recent single 'I Can't Catch You' surprises us with its expression and dexterity.
Anna Luther – Greatest Love
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There is no more dynamic and lively, more dubious and tragic topic on our planet than the topic of love. Artists of all genres and generations are using this wonderful feeling for self-identification in this world through works of art. Anna Luther has a wonderful love song and it's called 'Greatest Love'.
Gingsu – Road Song
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California is also can be sad. When we say goodbye to someone forever or so, if the loss is imminent and the road separates us then it's time to sound the track 'Road Song' from the band Gingsu. These guys from the coastal Laguna Beach know what the ocean is and its gusty winds.
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