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Misha Chylkova – Last Night a Stranger Carried My Tree
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Misha Chylkova is an interesting and unusual artist who recently finished recording a new album with the help of her longtime colleagues Darren Hayman and Ian Button. On the eve of the release of the new record, Misha Chylkova decided to share the pre-Christmas single 'Last Night a Stranger Carried My Tree'.
Marsh Family – If That Day Comes Round
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Marsh Family is a musical family group from Kent, UK who have been singing and playing great songs. Marsh Family very productive creative team that writes and records both their own music and interesting parodies.
Higher Music State – Overboard
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On December 1st, British indie group Higher Music State released their new album 'Overboard'. We decided to celebrate this album in a special way, because listening to its tracklist, we plunge into a really specific world of creativity.
Jonny Herman – ocelotoflounge
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The Norfolk artist Jonny Herman loves to combine the style of jazz, soul and yacht rock, framing it in his own signature sound that cannot be confused with anything else. The aesthetics of his songs bring joy to people and that is why his songs are so easy to sing along to and dance to.
Tim Camrose – Empty Roads
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British singer-songwriter Tim Camrose presented his new EP 'Empty Roads' on November 28. The new record contains 6 original tracks that sound with the sincerity and openness inherent in this artist.
Mick J. Clark – It’s Christmas Party Time
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'It's Christmas Party Time' is another song from the British singer-songwriter Mick J. Clark dedicated to Christmas. We look forward to this holiday every year, and when it comes, our joy knows no bounds.
Mick J. Clark – It’s Getting Near Christmas
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Christmas is approaching and we are all looking forward to its arrival. Mick J. Clark has some incredible songs about Christmas in his music catalog and in these pre-holiday days we are happy to reveal another of his hits for you.
Rupert Cox – Search Party
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Rupert Cox debuted with the album 'Search Party' on November 24. The record was released on the London label Albert’s Favourites, so for every lover of the physical format of music, it is a great opportunity to join the artistic impulses of this talented pianist and singer-songwriter.
Neil C. Young – ReWorks Vol.1
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Neil C. Young is a well-known guitarist and composer who can be proud of his colorful music catalog and participation in the best jazz festivals. In addition, the artist was repeatedly nominated for the Grammy Award, and this fact suggests that we have a truly first-class musician.
Seán R McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows – Feathers
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'Feathers' is the title of the new single from the Scottish artist Seán R McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows. The song will also appear on the artist's full-length album, which will be released in 2024.
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