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Food and music, music and food. Hannah always loved listening to music while eating and cooking. And what about without music? Her favorite music is rnb, soul, indie and electronics. Her favorite ingredients in the kitchen are vegetable plants grown in the garden and mixed with a love of cooking.
Lee Olivier-Hall – This Is Only The Beginning
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London composer Lee Olivier-Hall is preparing for the release of his first compositional work - EP 'Moments In Sound'. On June 4, the first single with the logical name 'This Is Only The Beginning' was released.
New State Masses – Love Controlled
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The great classic indie rock single was released by New State Masses - a duo from Brighton. Many years of creativity and the search for their own creative faces have led musicians to a new start with new rules of the game in show business. The indie tree has developed to its peak especially in Britain and we are now reaping the fruits.
Memory Flowers – IDWK
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'IDWK' means 'I Don't Wanna Know'. London artist Memory Flowers named his new single in 4 letters. 'IDWK' released June 11.
Speak Easy Circus – Company of Man
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If we had a hit parade we would choose one of the places of honor for the new single by Scottish band Speak Easy Circus. The guys from Glasgow released 'Company of Man' on May 28.
Mike Stoyanov – No Regrets
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Mike Stoyanov is a new name on the London indie rock scene. His second single 'No Regrets' was released on June 4. The stormy rock n roll of his new song charges us with energy from the first overloaded chords.
Tamas Szigyarto – Membrany
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Modern piano music has two main directions of its development. One of them is avant-garde with many of his experiments, and the other neoclassical based on the past achievements of the great geniuses of music. Composer Tamas Szigyarto is a supporter of the second direction.
OneNamedPeter – Moonbathing
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Have you been to the pebbles beaches of Brighton at night? OneNamedPeter invites us to do this once by listening to his single 'Moonbathing'. The author of the song Peter is a singer-songwriter who lives and works in the southern cultural capital.
Ragsy – Under Clear Skies
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We forget about everything in the world when we hear the singing of the magical voice one of famous artist. One new artist who has such a voice is Ragsy. The singer is based in Wales and we were delighted when we came across his clean vocals in the single 'Under Clear Skies'.
Fonzy and Company – Beyond My Control
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And again we are in Bristol. Fonzy and Company is a group of like-minded people who have created an energetic rock band. Their music impresses us with its drive and eternally young enthusiasm. The single 'Beyond My Control' was released on May 24 and infused fresh water into the flow of their discography.
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