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Joe Lington – Trust
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Joe Lington is an artist with a global outlook and a broad cultural background. His wide palette of views is embedded in his songs and music. In his colorful music catalog, there are 4 full-length albums filled with the highest quality rnb and soul music.
Moon and Aries – Traffic
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Moon and Aries presented a new track 'Traffic' on September 1. This exciting musical duo delights us with their music with eclectic styles and thoughtful lyrics, and we always look forward to their new releases.
jazzygold – dyed my hair red
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Faroese artist jazzygold until 2022 was a member of the well-known group JASMIN, who managed to record two EPs and perform in Scandinavia. At some point, jazzygold realized that she was really tired of the band and went to Stockholm, where she wrote 10 of her own songs.
Mick J. Clark – This Is Where My Heart Belongs
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The song 'This Is Where My Heart Belongs' is the last track on the album 'Brand New Love Songs' by British singer-songwriter Mick J. Clark. This song is extremely melodious and harmonious.
Red Bird – Live It All
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American band Red Bird released their first full-length album 'Live It All' on January 13. Before that, the band had already released two mini-albums and now it's time for a serious conceptual release. 'Live It All' consists of 9 songs covering elements of blues, soul, funk and rock music.
The Sully Band – Let’s Straighten It Out!
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The Sully Band is a band that professionally creates incredible groove and soulful music that gives music fans true living aesthetics in music. Robert “Sully” Sullivan formed this band in San Diego, thus realizing his childhood dream of being on great stage.
Ysabel Bain – Harmonics
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The London singer-songwriter Ysabel Bain is back with a new single 'Harmonics'. January 21 was the release of her new song that opened a new page in this mysterious and soulful artist. Her vocals are a separate musical instrument that Ysabel Bain possesses perfectly.
Martijn Bakker Band – Wherever I Go
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12 November, the Dutch collective Martijn Bakker Band released a new single called 'Wherever I Go'. The song tells of the bad times that caused the lockdown to make travel impossible. Everything familiar and mundane related to travel became inaccessible and humanity came to a standstill.
Jacquie Clay – Lighter Now
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Jacquie Clay is based in Hyannis, USA where she continues to make music creating beautiful melodic songs. 'Lighter Now' is her third official release released on September 24th.
The Woods – A Changing Light
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The British music project The Woods was created by producer and multi-instrumentalist Johnny McFadzean. Working in his home studio located on the border of England and Scotland, the musician creates masterpieces of experimental music that are saturated with a mixture of classical, soul and electronic.