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Lyla DiPaul – Sleepless Nights
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Lila DiPaul and her band are based in New Orleans, where they met while studying music at Loyola University in 2018. On May 13 this year, Laila Dipol's debut EP 'Sleepless Nights' was presented, consisting of 4 tracks written by the artist during the quarantine in her parents' house.
Little Wretches – Red Beets & Horseradish
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The American band Little Wretches brightened up their music catalog with a new album 'Red Beets & Horseradish'. The record was released on March 18 and included 13 vital and penetrating songs.
Tino del Pozo – I’m Yours
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The Spanish singer-songwriter Tino del Pozo presented his new single 'I'm Yours' which will be included in the upcoming EP.
The Search – Extras
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The latest album by the Swedish band The Search is called 'Extras' and it was released late last year. The Search was founded as a band in 1999 in the city of Uppsala and later grew into a solo project of the band's founder Razmig Tekeyan.
Ellery Twining – Revenge
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Ellery Twining is a solo project of the American musician Rich Freitasand. Having gained an incredible and fruitful experience as a drummer in many iconic bands he decided to create a solo album called 'Revenge'.
Sano Hill – The Climb
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The Irish singer-songwriter Sano Hill released his debut single 'The Climb' on January 28th. This song was the first official release from the singer's upcoming full-length album to be released later this year.
CrushedVelvet – Better Late Than Never
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CrushedVelvet recently released her official EP 'Better Late Than Never' which features modern songs and tracks from the time this American artist began her music career. It was in the 80's when the young CrushedVelvet with constant sexist and racial problems started her creative path.
Ten Fields – Butterfly
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Ten Fields are back with a new single 'Butterfly' released on December 11th. This British band is preparing to release their second album and 'Butterfly' is the first single from this record.
Nero Simon and the Sunsetters – Starboard (Escape To Cozumel)
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Singer-songwriter Nero Simon and his band Sunsetters is American music collective that consists of 8 musicians who play live soft rock music as it is felt without electronic processing and strange special effects. Maybe that's why their music sounds organic and fresh.
Audri – Swan Song
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Singer-songwriter and producer Audri is based in Seattle, USA, where she writes and records her own songs. Creativity it's a big job and for indie artist Audri it's a real lifeline. Her songs are gaining popularity on streaming platforms due to its depth and frankness.
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