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Spencer Elliott – SE3
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American guitarist and composer Spencer Elliott together with his band released fourth albums called 'SE3'. The album was released via CandyRat Records and consists of 10 original instrumental tracks. Releases of this outstanding master of fingerstyle guitar music are always accepted with interest by fans of instrumental alternative.
TYDY – Scallion Pancake Adventure
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Extravagant and talented American band TYDY are two old friends who compose original songs in exquisite arrangements and charismatic ideas. Their latest single 'Scallion Pancake Adventure' was released on February 22nd.
Ali Pips – Mad Queen
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Ali Pips continues to amaze music fans with his avant-garde attitude towards pop music. Her unusual music is really made professionally and with taste. 'Mad Queen' is her latest release.
Frantic Endeavor – Vault 92
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When we talk about the predominance of the breadth of music, we are talking about a wide range of inspirations of different members of the same group in which this strange mixture is cooked as the music of a band. This is the main difference between the work of a solo artist and the work of an entire band.
Tyler Kamen – The Cassowary Manifesto
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Tyler Kamen, a musician and producer from New York, released his new full-length album called 'The Cassowary Manifesto' on August 13th. The album includes 20 tracks created under the influence of psychedelic and progressive rock. All tracks were recorded and produced by Tyler Kamen and are his new step in his music career.
Ali Pips – Black Dahlia Smile Me
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Pianist and composer Ali Pips went through a long creative journey full of search and experimentation until she came together with Dominique Lenore Persito create a true masterpiece of avant-garde rock. This single is called 'Black Dahlia Smile Me' and it has absorbed all the skill and professionalism of the musical team who worked on this work.
The Illustrative Violet – Odyssey
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An awesome combination of psychedelics and progressive rock is offered by the band The Illustrative Violet. The band is based in Southern California and already has an interesting catalog of records for fans of the above music.
The Longing – Torture
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The powerful single was released by The Longing. The track is called 'Torture' and it opens a new page in the book of this cool metal band from Los Angeles. The musicians of The Longing are certainly of a high level of training and thanks to their collaboration with vocalist and composer Laura Bradley create a truly high-quality rock product.
Hairy Penguins – Triptych
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Scottish band Hairy Penguins already had their debut release in 2019. But after a while the musicians decided to change their own history and make their debut again. To do this, they deleted previous records and recorded a new mini-album 'Triptych'.