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Larmes Noires – Vertigo
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On the eve of the release of his debut full-length album, the French artist Larmes Noires released a double single 'Vertigo'. The release includes two instrumental compositions that invite us into his dark and disturbing world of creativity.
millhope – Prototype
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On November 15, the German musician and producer millhope released a new single 'Prototype'. The song was recorded at millhope's home studio in collaboration with singer Jenny Thiele.
Sylvan Tirelle – Omni-Gatherum
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Seattle-based Sylvan Tirelle released their debut album 'Omni-Gatherum' on October 26th. On this album, Sylvan Tirelle acts as a composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. All the listed talents are inherent in this interesting and extraordinary artist.
Brother Guy – Postcards From Pluto
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The American band Brother Guy presented their new album on October 27. The record is called 'Postcards From Pluto' and consists of 8 instrumental tracks.
Telemarker – Night Bus
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On October 23, Glasgow-based band Telemarker released a new single 'Night Bus'. The guys got together to play a kind of unique music. Their new song does not have a strictly defined musical structure but everything happens sequentially and logically.
AARONSON – The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under
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On July 14, the full-length album of the post-rock band AARONSON, based in Newport, UK, was released. The record is called 'The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under' and it was released via Dirty Carrot Records.
moving mirrors – Second Hand Lover
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The London band moving mirrors replenishes their music catalog with a new track 'Second Hand Lover'. The release of the new song took place on July 7 and once again showed the uniqueness of their music.
millhope – Illusion
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German musician and producer millhope debuted with the single 'Illusion' on June 30. This mesmerizing track is the first single from his upcoming debut album.
Jean’s Hill – The Kelp Diaries
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Jean's Hill debuted with mini-album 'The Kelp Diaries' on June 21. This music project was founded by South African musician and producer Henry Cloete who was inspired by moving to a small coastal town with an incredible ocean landscape.
Shockpowder – Europa
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The British band Shockpowder founded in 2015 and since then they have been giving all fans of post-rock and related styles joy with their cool releases. Their new single called 'Europa' was released on April 7.
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