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Snakedoctors – Too Many (Feat. Christine Corless)
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A new single from the Polish band Snakedoctors is called 'Too Many'. The song was released in two versions, one created in New Wave style and the other more prone to grunge. In the second version was attended by American artist Christine Corless, who added to this dark and viscous composition of color soulfulness.
Snakedoctors – Got Him Another Girl
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The fifth single from the new album of the Polish band Snakedoctors was released recently and was called 'Got Him Another Girl'. This composition sounds in a minimalist garage rock sound. Simple drive chords with organic drums create the effect of proto-punk in the style of The Stooges.
Snakedoctors – Mellow Joy
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The Polish band Snakedoctors continues to impress with their music catalog. On October 22, their third full-length album called 'Mellow Joy' was released.
Snakedoctors – Bubba Does
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The Polish band Snakedoctors has released the first single from the upcoming album. The song was called 'Bubba Does' and was released on September 14.
Sono Christof – Forgotten Songs Of Worlds Adrift
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Polish electronic musician Sono Christof has released his debut EP 'Forgotten Songs Of Worlds Adrift'. This is his first official release in 30 years of creative life during which he created music primarily for himself and his friends.
Ludwik Konopko – RAIA
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Ludwik Konopko is known in Ukraine and Poland where he was founder and guitarist in the cult bands such as Tea Fun Club and Acoustic Travel Band. He was born in Lviv, Ukraine and moved to Poland in 1991, where he continued his successful musical career.
Snakedoctors – Obligation
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Poland was famous for its musicians around the world. Every music lover knows, for example, a powerful Polish jazz school. But today we will talk about rock music, or rather about the post-punk scene and one of its new representatives - the band Snakedoctors.