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new wave
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The Belarusian band named WORLD GOVERNMENT was founded in 2007 and since then the guys have grown into a full-fledged professional project. Their frequent performances and memorable collaborations in their hometown took place on the independent indie scene.
ReHumanise – Elemental
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The electronic artist ReHumanise is based in Ireland and works as a producer and composer. His new single is called 'Elemental' and it was released on June 10th.
Bones in Butter – A Dystopian Love Song
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On May 27, a new single by Serbian band Bones in Butter was released. The song is called 'A Dystopian Love Song' and it has a romantic character with a beautiful melodic arrangement.
The Gloom – Requiem (for Joan of Arc)
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The Israeli singer-songwriter, musician-producer Yoav Landau is based in London where he is working on his creative project called The Gloom. A new EP of the artist was recently released, the main single of which is the song 'Requiem (for Joan of Arc)'.
Monokino – Baby
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The new single from the Dutch artist Monokino is called 'Baby' and was released on April 2. The song deserves attention of all fans of the garage rock and the new wave, because the elements of these styles meet in one energetic rush.
don’t get lemon – Hyper Hollow Heaven
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The Texas band don't get lemon presented their debut album 'Hyper Hollow Heaven' on March 29. The album is a powerful application of a talented trio for the right direction to the success. The record 'Hyper Hollow Heaven' consists of 8 tracks that reveal a unique electronic sound with an mix of indie.
Wotts – Domino
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Wotts is one of those Canadian bands that make original music full of retro sounds and new pursuits of indie art. Their new single 'Domino' was released on March 17th.
Lasca Fox – Around, Around
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The new single from the German artist Lasca Fox is called 'Around, Around' and it was released on January 14. This track shines with its originality and artistry. The sounds of the electronic new wave and atmosphere of the 80s imbue this music with their special energy.
Moon and Aries – Pink Moon
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The new single of the German Canadian duo Moon and Aries was released on December 30 and it is called 'Pink Moon'. The song has a magnetic character that mesmerizes us from the first notes of retro synthesizers.
1st Base Runner – Ellis
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The Texas singer-songwriter 1st Base Runner has released his new EP 'Ellis' consisting of 5 exquisite and cool tracks. His recordings have everything to please fans of the new wave, post-punk and alternative rock.
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