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Sam Feinstein – Hamster Wheel
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Sam Feinstein is a Californian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who independently writes and records his own music. Before us is his new single 'Hamster Wheel', which was released on November 30.
Simesky+Fritch – SKALA.02
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Simesky+Fritch is an unparalleled musical project that marks a new breakthrough of cool retro 80s with new, refreshing interpretations. Simesky+Fritch are two experienced musicians, each of whom has an interesting creative path.
Deltawelle – Sentiments
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German indie quartet Deltawelle is based in Leipzig and Berlin where they draw inspiration for their new releases. Their new EP 'Sentiments' was released on October 13 and presented all new wave fans with 4 wonderful tracks.
Shaampoo Records – Johnny and Mary
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The music project Shaampoo Records was founded in Australia by Bill Burke and later moved to London, UK. Real magic happens in Shaampoo Records home studio, where new tracks filled with emotions and feelings, experiences and life itself are born.
The Heroic Enthusiasts – Tears Run Rings
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The American duo The Heroic Enthusiasts presented a new single 'Tears Run Rings' as part of their collaboration with the legendary producer Stephen Hague. This is a famous song by Soft Cell, an artist who excited the minds and hearts of the youth of the 80s.
Me & Melancholy – Under the cover of darkness
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On October 2, the full-length album of the Swedish musician and producer Peter Ehrling, who releases his music under the artist name Me & Melancholy, was released. The record is called 'Under the cover of darkness' and it consists of 14 original tracks that introduce us to the world of dark dreams, where night and loneliness go hand in hand.
Danil – These Thoughts
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Danil is a queer artist based in Germany who writes and records his own songs in his home studio. His first single 'These Thoughts' was released earlier this year and since then his music catalog has been filled with fantastic new tracks.
Sunset Surrender – Lies, Lies, Lies!
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On August 14, a new single by the Italian artist Sunset Surrender was released. The song is called 'Lies, Lies, Lies!' and it opens a new page in the work of this mysterious and unpredictable artist.
Kid Lazuras – All Over Again
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Bristol artist Kid Lazuras is preparing to release his debut album 'Utopia' on August 15. Earlier this year, they released several singles that will be included in this album, and 'All Over Again' is one of them.
The Kessels – Loosen up with the Kessels
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'Loosen up with the Kessels' is the name of a lost track from the Boston band The Kessels. This story takes us back to 1986, when The Kessels began experimenting with their usual sound and brought more mainstream vibes to the new song.
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