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Grace de Gier – And now
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Colombian singer Grace de Gier is based in the Netherlands, where she records and releases great pop-rock music inspired by the 80's and 90's. In her songs, Grace de Gier uses English and Spanish mainly to audiences from Latin America and the European continent.
the FamiliaR IntercoursE of SocietY – Brutes@barbarianS
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The Dutch duo the FamiliaR IntercoursE of SocietY produce an amazing mix of jazz electronics and rock music. This combination of colors, which conveys the aesthetics of real creative impulses, inspires the authors of this music.
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Greek artist NEFΛEΛI is based in the Netherlands seeks to create her own musical attraction and it seems that she succeeds. She grew up in a noble musical family and gained great experience as a musician, producer and composer of various projects and endeavors.
Sofia Dragt – ISA
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Sofia Dragt does not stop creating exciting instrumental tracks and soulful dream pop songs. She is based in the Netherlands and in her travels she does not rule out the possibility of creating.
Monokino – Baby
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The new single from the Dutch artist Monokino is called 'Baby' and was released on April 2. The song deserves attention of all fans of the garage rock and the new wave, because the elements of these styles meet in one energetic rush.
Sofia Dragt – Temporary Gold
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March 11 released a new single by Sofia Dragt called 'Temporary Gold'. The song was written during her stay in Ísafjörður, Iceland. Inspired by the incredible landscapes of local nature Sofia Dragt recorded the main important moments of her adventure in the songs, the first of which is 'Temporary Gold'.
Robby and the Secret – Bones
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The Dutch band Robby and the Secret delighted us with their new single 'Bones' released on February 25th. Their original style has its roots in folk music with American influences and psychedelic rock.
Jonas Brøg – I Believe In You
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The Danish singer-songwriter Jonas Brøg is based in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. In this beautiful place on the shores of the North Sea, Jonas Brøg writes his songs about life and the power that gives us joy and inspiration to live.
Eruption Artistique – Ball & Chain
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The Dutch band Eruption Artistique pursues its simple philosophy to the masses by undermining the foundations of the conservative system of society with its indie rock. Their songs are deadly for those who see their future in a vicious circle of bourgeois values ​​and inspiring for those who know the price of freedom, tolerance and love.
Piet Louter – Footprints In The Sand
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Piet Louter started releasing his own music after a 20-year hiatus. This Dutch singer-songwriter has a talent for writing lifelike and realistic songs that touch the soul and inspire you to move forward. The full-length album 'Footprints In The Sand' from Piet Louter was released this year and consists of 16 Americana style and folk rock songs.
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