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Mafalda Minnozzi – Natural Impression
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Mafalda Minnozzi is a real diamond in the modern jazz scene. Her creative career is impressive with the number of performances, recordings and collaborations. Mafalda Minnozzi's creative heritage includes about 20 records, each of which deserves the attention of fans of the eternal jazz classics.
Rupert Cox – Search Party
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Rupert Cox debuted with the album 'Search Party' on November 24. The record was released on the London label Albert’s Favourites, so for every lover of the physical format of music, it is a great opportunity to join the artistic impulses of this talented pianist and singer-songwriter.
Neil C. Young – ReWorks Vol.1
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Neil C. Young is a well-known guitarist and composer who can be proud of his colorful music catalog and participation in the best jazz festivals. In addition, the artist was repeatedly nominated for the Grammy Award, and this fact suggests that we have a truly first-class musician.
Pàppa D. – Swing! The CalBal ’23 Session
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Pàppa D. is a multifaceted artist who makes his life and the lives of those around him unusual and inspiring with his creative activity. Pàppa D. started actively playing music in his early teens and since then music has always been by his side.
Lyia Meta – Always You
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Lyia Meta is a well-known jazz and pop singer on both sides of the ocean. Her star shines brightly in both her home bases of Malaysia and Los Angeles. Lyia Meta did everything to show the world her exquisite artistic nature and unique voice.
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'Dirty Dick Dies' is one of the songs from the new album of the Swedish music project ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS. Their entire album 'NO SWEETS FOR E.' is permeated with interesting narrative songs, gracefully combining folk rock and power pop into a modern magnetic record.
Dave Mohan – Lightning On Galatea
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Dave Mohan is a British musician, composer and songwriter who creates amazing music inspired by legends of jazz and art rock. His music catalog is extremely colorful and interesting, first of all, to those who seek inspiration in music and search for new ways of understanding our existence.
The Limited Sense – The Limited Sense
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Parjam Parsi is a well-known visual artist, musician and composer who makes this world a better place with his creativity. His thoughtful and profound works, be it paintings or music releases, always attract the attention of true art connoisseurs.
Intergalactic C – Through The Jazzy Clouds
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The music project Intergalactic C is based in Hamburg, Germany, where their mesmerizing releases come from. Intergalactic C offers refreshing music that is equally good for the afterparty and the lounge.
Jacques Bailhé – Shiva in flagrante
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Jacques Bailhé is a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer who knows how to create a new concept of musical art. Inspired by the legends of jazz and classical music, he writes and records special music in which he solves the mysteries of life through communication with the gods.
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