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Patches – Life After Life (Super Cut)
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Patches is a music project by Patch Dennis based in Hamburg. Patch is a talented drummer and composer who decided to jump into jazz to develop as a musician in this style. His single 'Life After Life' (Super Cut) is primarily a rhythm with his groove.
Desarae Dee – Love and Found
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Desarae Dee is a Canadian artist from Toronto. On her amazing creative path, she met world-class musicians and singers from cooperation with everyone of them, she was fascinated by the spirit of talent and gained the necessary experience in the implementation of their own musical line.
Greg Dallas – Fallen
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When American musician Greg Dallas says his tracks are experimental he is right. While working on his new EP, he recorded the single 'Fallen', which incorporated an experimental form of jazz and dark wave.
Sam Hankins – IT’S OKAY
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Listening to the music of American trumpeter and composer Sam Hankins, we completely relax and enter that unforgettable state of light excitement. His compositions are the perfect place for our attention during a walk through an unknown city, contemplation through binoculars on a yacht or cruise liner, or a romantic meeting in a cozy cafe. Recently, his new single 'IT'S OKAY' was released, which absorbed the best formula that carries pop jazz.
Rj Bacon – Beyond the Perpendicular
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As musician and composer Russell Bacon says of himself: "I like to record and produce cool, smooth Jazz from my small studio in Sydney, Australia." Let's listen to some jazz from multi-instrumentalist Rj Bacon.
Shake and Jazz in Shanghai
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You know, when I invited my friends to visit a jazz club they refused! And probably, it would be all right if I decided to go there myself. It would be all right somewhere in the West but not here, not in Shanghai.