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New State Masses – Love Controlled
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The great classic indie rock single was released by New State Masses - a duo from Brighton. Many years of creativity and the search for their own creative faces have led musicians to a new start with new rules of the game in show business. The indie tree has developed to its peak especially in Britain and we are now reaping the fruits.
Dream On – Falling
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Indie rock lives and thrives. In the UK, there are many indie rock bands that have not shown themselves and were just small flashes in the starry sky of indie music. Ambitious musicians are sure to succeed even if this success is just another cool single. London band Dream On have such a single and it's called 'Falling'.
Atomic Bronco – Cruel
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Indie Rock Enthusiast. This is how Kyle Nuss, producer and creator of the music project Atomic Bronco, described himself and his work. The one-man band is based in London and it is in this huge creative garden that he draws inspiration for his single shots.
SUNKIN – Short and Sweet
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What happens when three friends form a band? That is what can best happen on the musical path of each individual musician. The feeling of a person close in spirit together on one stage is a fusion of creative hearts that generate immortal hits. This is exactly the case with the London band SUNKIN.
Ampersand – Jaded
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There are three main whales on which collective music rests. It's folk, jazz and rock. All other music feels great if it is created by one composer or producer. But lately, rock music is losing its position as a group creation and moving to the home studios of a multi-instrumentalist, where they making the final product that they hear in alone head.
Bones In Butter – Sad Girl
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Rock n roll in the Balkan Republic of Serbia is developing as well as in any other European country. Musical collective Bones In Butter is a direct proof of this judgment. The band was formed only a year ago in Belgrade and began to compete with the pandemic, no losing inspiration and creative power.
Young Decades – Sinner
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Surely, each of the music lovers recently missed the waves of the hands and the energy of the stadium, which sways like the sea in unison with our favorite music. Apparently, most musicians have switched to a more intimate format and the acoustics of their online performances. But there are those artists who continue to believe that they can't just leave people with it and new works continue to be created for stadium and festival format.
Champagne – Champagne
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EP 'Champagne' from the eponymous band from the American city of Austin is the first serious attempt this musicians to assert itself in the indie scene. The EP consists of 6 tracks and it really conceptual like a mini album that opens the band as an interesting phenomenon in modern American music.
SeepeopleS – It Feels Heavy
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What is the difference between cult and legendary bands? Once recording a song that stirred the masses, or performing on the big stage and turning a lot of fans into a shamanic rite, this is enough for cult. It takes a lot more effort to become a legend. Need to do tons of work, perform at many concerts, make records with other artists, add other genres of art to own role and play, play and play, no matter what.
Campfire Social – Everything Changed
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The British band Campfire Social named their second EP 'Everything Changed'. It is from this song that the new era of the band with fresh music work consisting of 6 tracks begins.