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Sam Himself – Never Let Me Go
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On July 22, the new single of the Swiss artist Sam Himself was released. The song is called 'Never Let Me Go' and is the first release from his upcoming album which will be released next year. Sam Himself is based New York, where he actively engaged in music with some of the best producers, so it is not surprising that his tracks are a high-quality product filled with charismatic concepts.
Wotts – 6 Shooter
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Indie pop duo Wotts pleased us with their new release in which they used for the first time a collaboration with another Canadian artist. The single '6 Shooter' appeared in two author's versions, own original from The Desert Island Big Band and a new mix from Wotts.
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Canadian indie pop duo Wotts released a new single 'LEMONADE' on May 19. The new song offers the latest developments of this music project that were created during the quarantine when the musicians were at a distance from each other.
Foe – Diamonds (feat. Alina Valentina)
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May 27 came the new single of the Israeli music project Foe. The song called 'Diamonds' was born thanks to the collaboration with singer Alina Valentina.
Thornbraver – Mostly You
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American indie band Thornbraver shared their debut EP called 'Mostly You'. The mini-album was released on May 20 and included 6 tracks that convey the aesthetics of the first relationship and its issues. The record was recorded during the pandemic through the remote collaboration of three members of this brilliant musical group.
Sofia Dragt – ISA
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Sofia Dragt does not stop creating exciting instrumental tracks and soulful dream pop songs. She is based in the Netherlands and in her travels she does not rule out the possibility of creating.
Tori Boltwood – Stay on the moon
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Tori Boltwood is American singer from Texas who represents a new wave of music of the future. Her singing is something extraordinary and relentless that makes us dream, remembering and fantasize.
Degray – Burning Me Within
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Degray released his double single 'Burning Me Within' on April 15th. The release includes 2 tracks of different content and form. Degray is based in Barcelona, ​​Spain where he creates his deep and penetrating music.
feeble – I Am Here
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Swedish music project feeble released a new single 'I Am Here' on March 25. feeble is the brainchild of a singer and musician Stefan Ekenberg who from the early 90's began to be actively involved in music and bring their shades to the independent scene.
Pacing – Sunny 3
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On April 1, a new single by indie artist Pacing called 'Sunny 3' was released. This music project is the brainchild of American songwriter and producer Katie McTigue based in Pittsburgh, USA.
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