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Velour Academy – Pulsar
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The Los Angeles band Velour Academy has 2 full-length albums in its music catalog, released in 2017 and 2021, respectively. Their style of music can be interpreted in different ways, but there is no doubt that they lead their unique dream pop line.
Kelsie Kimberlin – Turn Back
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Kelsie Kimberlin presented her third music video from the trilogy dedicated to the holy struggle of the Ukrainian people against the invaders. The track 'Turn Back' is the logical continuation of her previous song stories 'Armageddon' and 'Another Chance To Live Again', which suggests the return of all those millions of refugees to their native land.
Carson Aday – Fade Away
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'Fade Away' is the title of the new single of the promising American artist Carson Aday. The release of his new track took place on November 14 and gave us a really cool and deep song.
Arden Alexa – ‘22
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San Francisco artist Arden Alexa shared her new EP “‘22” on October 20. 6 original tracks give us a meeting with a truly unique artist who captivates with her creativity from the first song and does not let go.
Edie Yvonne – Darkness Bliss
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'Darkness Bliss' is the title of the song-gift to her fans on Halloween from the American artist Edie Yvonne. The track has a sad motif that tells about friendships breaking up and a possible period of loneliness on the horizon.
Chris Wirsig feat Ships Have Sailed – Haunted House
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On October 6, a new single by the well-known American producer and composer Chris Wirsig was released. The song 'Haunted House' was recorded with his band Ships Have Sailed and is a great addition to his colorful music catalog.
Go Sonny – And no birds sing
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The French artist Go Sonny debuted with the EP 'And no birds sing' on September 22. 5 original tracks await those who love an amazing combination of indie pop, new wave and synth pop.
Zhazira – Mirror on the Wall
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The artist Zhazira released her debut single 'Mirror on the Wall' on September 29. This is a song about liberation and the opportunity to travel to other worlds.
Lewca – Boombap for Boomers
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On September 15, the new album of the French-based artist Lewca was released. The record is called 'Boombap for Boomers' and it consists of 13 original tracks representing the collaboration with the French DJ S.O.A.P..
Wuzy Bambussy – Yesterday’s Shoes
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'Yesterday's Shoes' is the title of the new single of the British indie pop duo Wuzy Bambussy. The release of their new song took place on September 6 and brightened their growing catalog of music.
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