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Gerco Aerts – Sing Louder, Dance Faster
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Gerco Aerts is a well-known bass player and musician from the Netherlands who has often been seen touring for the past 30 years. In 2020, when the virus and lockdown came, Gerco Aerts decided to realize his old dream and record his own album consisting of his songs written in recent years.
Seasonal Falls – Reach for Nearby
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'Reach for Nearby' is the debut single of the Swiss indie act Seasonal Falls. The track was released on November 17 and introduces us to an interesting and extraordinary band.
Rob Giles – Meditation Drive-Thru
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Rob Giles is a well-known singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. As a Grammy Award winner and producer of over 20 albums for himself and others, Rob Giles is truly an individual whose work deserves attention. In addition to music, Rob Giles writes extensively for television, which brought him success when his shows with the CW aired in 2016 and 2017.
Lee Switzer-Woolf – Ototoxin
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On November 7, the new single 'Ototoxin' by the British artist Lee Switzer-Woolf was released. Exactly six months ago, he released the second full-length album 'Annihilation Signals' and to mark this historic event, Lee Switzer-Woolf decided to release a new single.
Connor Desai – Forever
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Connor Desai has established herself in today's indie scene as a promising and original artist whose songs are worth paying attention to. Her success lies in her sincerity and simplicity.
Chords Of Indigo – I Will Let It (Go)
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'I Will Let It (Go)' is the title of the new single of the Manchester artist Chords Of Indigo. This song was the fifth release of this year by this talented musician and producer.
mUmbo – Red Balloons
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On October 20, the seventh single of the British indie band mUmbo was released. Their incredible charisma has not bypassed their new song and we have a really original track in front of us.
Dania O. Tausen – Ja/Nei
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On October 12, the second part of the new full-length album of the Faroese singer-songwriter Dania O. Tausen was released. The first part of the record called 'ja (pt.1)' came out earlier in July of this year and now it's 'nei (pt. 2)' turn, so we have before us the entire planned work that was titled 'Ja/Nei'.
KNÚT – Vit sótu við havið
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KNÚT is a musician and singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands whose contribution to the development of the local indie scene is truly influential. His previous 3 solo albums presented KNÚT as a charismatic and insightful artist.
Ryan Wayne – Crow Amongst the Sparrows
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Canadian artist Ryan Wayne presented his solo album 'Crow Amongst the Sparrows' on September 22. Ryan Wayne is best known as a founder and member of the band The Warped 45s (Pheromone Recordings) and his extensive musical experience inspired him to continue his musical activities even after suffering two strokes in 2022.
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