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La Palma – Sangue Latino
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The American music duo La Palma released their version of the song 'Sangue Latino', which was famous in the 70s thanks to the Brazilian band Secos & Molhados. This song had a long-standing influence on one of the members of the duo, Chris Walker, who lived in Brazil and often listened to this composition as a child.
Jackson Vincent – Normal Tension
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'Music for ghosts' - that's what Jackson Vincent calls his songs, putting a lot of deep meaning and feelings into them. The artist is based in Philadelphia, where he independently writes and records his musical compositions. His new EP is tittled 'Normal Tension' and was released on July 22.
apocalypse l8er – You can finally see the end / Looking down
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The band apocalypse l8er based in Minneapolis, where they write, record and perform their own unique music. Their new release is a double single consisting of two short tracks.
Seafarers – II
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Saxophonist Matthew Herd founded the band Seafarers in London in 2018. Their first album received rave reviews from critics from around the world, and now we have their second album called 'II', on which they continue their creative searches and experiments with the styles of indie and folk music.
Karen Harding – I’ve Got A Secret
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Australian singer-songwriter Karen Harding presented a new single 'I've Got A Secret'. This track is also part of the upcoming EP that will be released in October.
Night’s Bright Colors – Palette
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'Palette' is how called album all introduces us to the work of an interesting and original music project called Night's Bright Colors. It is a project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason Smith, based in Asheville, USA.
Xylaroo – Transhuman Dreams
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On May 20, a new single 'Transhuman Dreams' by the British band Xylaroo was released, which was created in collaboration with another band Podsongs. The song is based on reflections on eternity and the end of human life.
Vintz Desert – River of Gold
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Vintz Desert is based in Maryland, USA, where he work on own music catalog. As a talented singer-songwriter, he has achieved success on streaming platforms due to songs such as 'Love in Boston'. His new EP was released on May 20 and included 5 tracks the last of which is 'River of Gold'.
Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? – Remember The Lines
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French indie folk duo Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? presented their new album called 'Remember The Lines'. The record consists of 6 songs that convey the three-year creative period of the band. Their songs are an act of true art that reopens its doors to us.
Yorige – Motina
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Yorige is a new Lithuanian duo that who create a modern interpretation of folk music born in their country. The duo consists of the singer-songwriter Aaron Fross and the producer and multi-instrumentalist Niels Bakx.
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