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MADAME NEPTUNE is a musical project of two artists and mulitiinstrumentalists who came together to highlight their own philosophy. Their art includes many components and music is one of their main trump cards.
We Are To Blame – Duality II
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On November 7, the second mini-album of the Swedish metal band We Are To Blame was released. The record was named 'Duality II' and is a kind of continuation of the line of the first release.
Bridges Ablaze – Never Too Late
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On April 14, a new killer single called 'Never Too Late' by the American rock band Bridges Ablaze was released. The guys are based in Austin, Texas, where an active musical life is raging. Among such diversity of the local music scene, it is difficult to stand out, but Bridges Ablaze perfectly realized their talent by showing a thunderous mixture of alternative styles.
Masked Tears – Requiem Maqabre
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The Italian hard rock band Masked Tears shared their single and music video 'Requiem Maqabre' earlier this year. The band has been playing heavy metal and the styles associated with it for a long time and their songs have a deep meaning in their songs that makes us think.
Koburg – Beauty In The Fight
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'Beauty In The Fight' is the name of the new single of the British symphonic metal, one-woman band Koburg, which was released on March 1. Koburg performs all parts of vocals and musical instruments independently, putting a piece of her soul into them.
Wolfshirt – Wolfshirt
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In the American city of Biddeford, which is located on the east coast, there is a cool rock band Wolfshirt consisting of four musicians who play original post-hardcore. The sound of their debut mini-album 'Wolfshirt', magically inspires us in the same way that musicians are inspired by their work.
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The Swiss band QUANTUM continues to assert itself as an original and interesting rock phenomenon. Over the last year, they have released five cool singles, each of which definitely deserves attention.
Kardinal X – The Revolution
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London hard rock band Kardinal X is powerful machine with 4 members who professionally plays metal in the UK. Their songs are real rock anthems that captivate with its drive and energy. The latest album 'The Revolution' presents 10 tracks, which are conceptually grouped into thematic investigations.
Love Ghost – Цепи
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Love Ghost presented the new single 'Цепи' on January 27. This cool American band has repeatedly come into our field of vision and we are always excited to follow their progress to the musical Olympus.
A Hero To Fall – Ambivalence
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California metal band A Hero To Fall released their first full-length album 'Ambivalence' on November 26th. This powerful work became a new stage in the creative path of the band. The album consists of 10 tracks that show the high instrumental skills of the band's musicians.
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