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Sharkmuffin – Gamma Gardening
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The band Sharkmuffin was formed in 2012 by Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch. The duo is based in New York, where over the last decade it has become one of the most interesting American rock projects. In their creative journey, full of live concerts and studio sessions, Sharkmuffin's main line-up is complemented by other worthy musicians, whose playing we can hear on two albums and several EPs of the great band.
Murnau – Primroses
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On July 5, the new single of the American duo Murnau was released. The song is called 'Primroses' and an animated film was created based on it, which perfectly complements the psychedelic atmosphere of the song.
The Kid and I – Fade Away
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London rock band The Kid and I released their new single called 'Fade Away' on May 13th. The band formed recently and has already performed at well-known venues in the UK. The guys are in an ambitious mood and the music they play speaks for itself.
Glamper – Rat Race
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The band Glamper is based in Nashville, where they draw inspiration for their rock n roll activities. A trio of rock musicians came together to record their debut album, which was finished on post-pandemic time.
Naked Face – If In Doubt
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The Australian rock trio Naked Face is based in Melbourne where they gathered in 2017 to create their own vision of rock music. The young musicians stumbled upon the problem of the pandemic but continued their creative path by releasing a new single 'If In Doubt' on February 4.
Kinghorn – Kinghorn
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The American rock band Kinghorn was founded in 2019 in Portland by three experienced musicians who have behind many music projects and bands. Their first full-length album was released in 2021 and it was called 'Kinghorn'. The album consists of 8 killing tracks, which are on the verge of alternate rock and grunge.
Hawker – Bot Noxious / Chaka
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Recently, the Australian band Hawker delighted fans of heavy music with their double single 'Bot Noxious / Chaka'. These powerful two songs were born to shake the modern world with its archaic grunge sound that takes us back to the 90's.
Tired Cossack – Pea Roll Along
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The solo project of Canadian musician Stephen Halas is called Tired Cossack. His music got its original sound due to the mixing of post-punk, indie rock and Ukrainian folk traditions that connects him closely with this great country.
Somber Distortion – Demand
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Finnish grunge project Somber Distortion released a new single 'Demand' on October 27th. The author of music and words is also the producer of all his works. He reveals his talent in many creative areas and delights his fans with new tracks that deserve the best praise.
Love Ghost – SaberToothed
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Love Ghost released the EP 'SaberToothed' on September 17. This mini-album is a collection of live grunge written by the band before the pandemic. The purity of the 90s sound and effects of that time captures with its uncompromising sound and gives nostalgic notes of the classic era of alternative rock.
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